Tuesday, August 7, 2012


So last week I was at a Fashion Show Luncheon. Normally I'm pretty psyched for this sort of event... happy friends, happy clothing, happy food. Except this time I wasn't really up for it. I was feeling pretty crappy so I sort of had to force myself to go. Which I did.

However, neither the fashions, the friends nor the food actually put me back at the top of my game. Thus by the time the whole deal ended... my girlfriend decided I needed to be cheered up. So bingo. She took me to my favorite clothing store.

Still didn't work. In fact, I began to feel even worse. So... next thing you know, we decided I better go to the ER and see why the hell my heart felt like it was racing, palpitating, etc. After ten minutes of being there, I almost wished we hadn't gone.

First thing they told me was: my blood pressure reading was: 82 over 46. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Jeez... I was this far from waiting to see if a flat line was about to happen. Then, they decided I should check in for the night so they could monitor my heart, do all the tests, whatever.

Turns out my heart is spiffy, thank goodness. BUT my cardiologist did suggest I lower the intake of my blood pressure pills each day. AND to get a blood pressure cuff for at home. Gulp. I'm now a nurse??

Apparently. Wanna guess how long I was at the drug store learning how to USE this medical toy? Don't ask. Actually, it wasn't all that difficult and naturally, now I'm addicted to taking my BP every two hours or so. I'm major intrigued by the way, with the automatic way it blows up my arm and kicks out the results on the display panel.

Check out the info up there in the pict and you can see my latest reading. Yippee. I'M ALIVE AND WELL. I think. Oh yeah... I also like the way it tells me my pulse reading, too. Of course I have no clue what my pulse SHOULD be but hey. I'm merely in like Blood Pressure Cuff 101 so cut me some slack. One of these days I'll figure out what ALL the readings should be.

For now though, I do have to say... I kinda like this new toy. Although this so can't be good when in addition to all my techie toys, I now have to add medical ones as well. So far I have two: my blood sugar testing kit and now this BP kit. On the other hand... when the day comes that I begin buying Home Pregnancy Tests.. oh man. Shoot me now.