Monday, August 13, 2012


Okay... so everyone makes such a big stink about zillions of folks being WAY too technologically connected. Including me. It supposedly takes away from personal socialization, takes up way too much time, takes away from hard core conversation and takes away from actually doing something productive.

Well, I'm here to tell you: try having your computer crash for just one day and THEN tell me how disturbing it is to be too damn connected. Because I was just that... disconnected from the online world... and I swear. Was I ever disturbed. IT WAS FAR FROM GOOD, trust me. And, the fact it wasn't going to be MORE than just 24 hours was sheer music to my ears. It COULD have been worse... like for 48 or God forbid 72 hours in which case, I would have had to slit my wrists altogether. Seriously.

I was happily surfing the net yesterday morning, searching for some lyrics to a specific song. BIG MISTAKE. Next thing I know, I have some crazy ass software on my screen called: LIVE SECURITY PLATINUM. And IMMEDIATELY it begins scanning my entire hard drive. WTF??? Who the hell asked for THAT? I could see right off the bat that this was NOT my real security software so I closed the window out within seconds.

Wasn't easy to do either, since THEY wanted to call the shots and keep it right on going. The program WANTED me to think they were helping me... by alerting me to all the damage that was being done to my harddrive. InSTEAD they were hacking into my computer and grabbing God only knows what kind of info. Anyway, my brain registered in a flash that boom. I was fucked, but good. Which basically rendered me DISCONNECTED FROM THE ENTIRE INTERNET. Let alone everything else on my computer. Gulp. Eeks. Help.

Which is why THANK God I had my iPad and smartphone. Uh... so naturally I could then promptly use them to announce to the entire world on Facebook that I was royally screwed. Hey... why should I suffer ALONE?? Which made it all the nicer btw, since several of my sweet friends sent encouraging messages which in turn let me know I wasn't going to have to jump off a cliff, afterall. Besides, it was too early to pick up a phone and bitch to everyone I know locally.

Anyway my alltime favorite Geek showed up this morning, got me all up and running lickety split and yippee. I'm now back on track. I hope. HELLLLLLO WORLD... I'M RECONNECTED. Whew. So now... it almost makes me wonder if I have to be way more compassionate to all the idiots that are apoplectic if God forbid they have to actually put down their smartphones while dining in public. Since... oops.... I THINK I'M NOW ONE OF THEM. Yikes. Talk about never judging a person until you know their whole story.

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