Monday, July 27, 2015


I am far from having a problem with vanity license plates. I actually sort of have one myself. I told the lady what I wanted mine to say and boom. It's been on my cars for the past 10 years. But lately? I swear to God... I can't believe what I've been seeing around town lately. In fact the first time I saw it, I was shocked. 

So shocked actually that although I was driving, I had to whip out my camera immediately, regardless of being in traffic. Bingo. I caught a shot of it. You can see it there, up above. Seriously?? THAT'S a license plate nowadays?? OMG. What's the world coming to, anyway?? Hell. Why not just have a plate that says FCK U. Which believe me... if I could... I so would consider it.

In the meantime, as soon as I got home and settled, I came to the computer and began searching this DCK deal on the internet. I had to. I just couldn't fathom such a plate being an option. I first began with North Carolina since I couldn't imagine in a million years it was possible the state DMV was issuing this. However no such luck in finding it on their site. Nor could I really find it on any other site although Google did get me to some crazy ass locations. 

But nothing pertaining to what I was looking for. I truly wanted info all about this DCK bit. I did come across a Texas license plate however that was rejected 1-2-3. Gee. I wonder why. Get a load of this:

Totally makes me laugh right smack out loud! I also came across some t shirt site that told me these letters stand for DRINKING CAN KILL but I am pretty iffy on that one. Believe me... I am the first one in line to get behind the concept of Don't Drink and Drive but man. This takes things to a whole new level. The BEST laugh I had while on the t shirt site btw, was this one. It SO wins the prize, hands down.

Can you imagine?? I would go nuts with laughter were I ever to walk down the street and see some guy wearing this! It would give me reason in a flash, to stop and have a whole conversation with him, for sure. Anyway...

Okay. So maybe this one license plate was a fluke. But THEN... lo and behold... in the next couple of weeks, I came across two others, also roaming the streets. Again, I had to grab a pict. The shots of those are down below. Which kinda makes me feel maybe my DMV IS in fact selling these plates afterall. 

Really? Am I the only one in the city stunned at this? Wow. I'm just sort of taken aback, but okay. If that's the way of the world right now, then who am I to cause a stir. Besides... if the world today is in a delirious spin over Kim K.'s ass, then I guess it can handle DCK pretty damn easily.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

STYLIN' 2015

Well.... it happened once again. I was asked to be a model in an annual luncheon and fashion show and while each year I sorta decide not to do it again, boom. I said okay for yet another time. As in: today. And, as per usual, I actually had a pretty good time modeling the fashions. Besides... this year the clothing came from Chico's so the trending styles were in fact quite decent, if I say so myself.

I remember each summer when I'd come here to visit my Mother, and she and I always went to this luncheon together. Thus I am just so sorry she couldn't have been here for the past eight years to see me modeling. She would have totally been beside herself with sheer delight. Besides... the fashions from today's show are way better than those of when she was still around.  

Last week I had to meet up with the 5 other models at Chico's so each of us could select the outfits we wanted to wear. Well wait. I mean what the salesladies wanted us to wear. Granted I played a big part in nixing some of the items chosen for me but whatever. Regardless... I very seldom shop in Chico's so I was willing to go with the flow. In the meantime, if you think for one minute that putting together a complete look for 3 separate outfits is easy, uh... think again. Man. I must have been there almost three hours. Talk about feeling spent.

I had to gather 3 different looks. One casual. One dressy. One sort of easy-chic. Everything from clothing, tanks, jewelry, whatever. The dressy one was maybe my favorite but I do have to say... the casual chic scarf hemmed skirt was an excellent look on me and I definitely bought it. Besides, everything was 40% off. Oh yeah. I also bought a wonderful big, bold, white ring that I wore with the outfit up above. Which reminds me:

The shot up above is pretty crappy, but it gives you the idea of what my casual outfit looked like. The picture was taken just seconds before I was to walk out amongst all the ladies sitting at their dining tables, to model the clothes. Which in turn is supposed to make them want to run right smack out to Chico's to spend hordes of money on everything they saw. This is my favorite part of the fashion show btw, because it's definitely so much fun walking out from the make shift dressing room, talking to everyone while they're oohing and ahhing over how excellent you look. Even if you don't. 

Although I will say... that wasn't a problem for me given I did look somewhat decent thus I believed them all. On the other hand... I knew everyone there... 120 ladies I'd say... so it was like being with a whole bunch of friends. Sorta like being in your house with lots of girlfriends over and quickly saying: OH WAIT. I HAVE TO SHOW YOU WHAT I BOUGHT TODAY! LET ME GO GRAB IT FOR YOU. So bottom line: I had a wonderful time. As did the other models, too, and trust me... they looked fabulous.

Whether or not I am asked next year to again be a part of the modeling, I don't know. I do know however that they asked me back this year because according to the chairwoman, who told me at a recent BBQ, they think I dress with fantastic taste great styling. Shows what they know, btw. You should only SEE me as we speak, wearing the crappiest dress ever in which to hang around the house. Were someone to ring my doorbell right now, I'd so be humiliated. The dress doesn't even have sleeves and I'd NEVER in a million years go out in public with a sleeveless top or dress. Oh yeah...

In closing let me just say that down below is another shot of me from today. Naturally, getting my food from the buffet. You can even see the steam rising from the absolutely DELICIOUS rice I had on my plate with some even better cream sauce upon it. I'd kill to be eating this right now, in fact. In the meantime, the photographer wanted a pict of me so I obliged. But what I really love about this shot is the fact you can see my slitted long skirt. One which I MADE I might add. I soooo love this skirt. Actually... it has two slits. One in front of each thigh. I know. I think I'm still 35. If only.

Monday, July 20, 2015


This was the subject/title of an email I got two weeks ago. It was an intro for an invitation that was extended to me and several other couples and I am sure the other people probably looked at these words and thought: Oh. How nice. A last minute party! 

I on the other hand took one look at these words and immediately my heart started to pound. Partly from precious memories of astounding passion and partly from just the sheer beauty of the song itself. It was like all of a sudden the world stopped for one brief moment as zillions of thoughts came flooding right smack back into my head.

For several reasons, Bob Seger's WE'VE GOT TONIGHT, almost more than any other song in history, holds very deep emotions for me. Right from the very first lyrics... I KNOW IT'S LATE. The reason the invitation began as it did btw, was because it came like on a Thursday let's say and the dinner party was maybe about 4 days later. Normally not a whole long lead time for everyone's schedule planning. Regardless... I was indeed thrilled to be invited but as I said... even more important was the fact these opening words alone, held so much weight.

Turns out about 20 years ago I guess, I enjoyed THE most romantic night I ever had in my entire life. Well almost, anyway. And I do have to say much of it was due to this song... We've Got Tonight. It had already been amongst my alltime favorite tunes but man. THAT night? The tune became sort of historic for me. For both of us, actually. In the meantime... no need for me to go into particulars here, but I will say this... to this day, Bob's entire album of Greatest Hits created one hell of an extraordinary change in the Land of Linda. Hence the reason a zillion memories popped into my head.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Kenny and Sheena did a great job in covering this song but make no mistake: nothing is like hearing Bob sing it. Besides... can you believe the lyrics?? I mean seriously... DEEP IN MY SOUL... I'VE BEEN SO LONELY. ALL OF MY HOPES FADING AWAY. I'VE LONGED FOR LOVE LIKE, EVERYONE ELSE DOES... I KNOW I'LL KEEP SEARCHING EVEN AFTER TODAY. WE'VE GOT TONIGHT. WHO NEEDS TOMORROW? WE'VE GOT TONIGHT BABE... WHY DON'T YOU STAY. Who the hell even THINKS of these lyrics? Besides... the quiet, rolling rhythm of this melody? Lordy. It's just soooo beautiful. So naturally...

As soon as I closed out the email I went straight to YouTube to listen to the song all over again. I can't even remember the last time I heard it so it was like a major treat. I began with Bob Seger, which by the way was fantastic when hearing the entire arena singing right along with him. Like who doesn't know every word to this entire song, anyway? Then I moved right smack into Kenny Rogers and Sheena Easton and then into Kenny and Dolly Parton. THEN... I moved right into anyone ELSE who covered this song and bingo. Man. I was in total We've Got Tonight Heaven.

In the meantime, if you want a perfectly fabulous treat, check this out on YouTube: CLICK AWAY. I dare you not to sing along with it since according to the Linda School of Music, it basically can't be done. You hear the song. Whammo. You have to sing. Thank you Bob Seger, who is now 69 btw, for being the background to some astounding memories for me, many of which continued for yet another 20 years. 

Oh yeah... point of information: lest any of you imagine that Bob was Pete's son... boom. You'd totally be wrong. Just saying.

Thursday, July 16, 2015


I do have to admit... each year I look forward to summer with total dread. First of all, day light savings time downright sucks. Who the hell wants to see sun until 8:45 p.m. anyway?? Besides, that just means the heat of the day lingers on and on and on. And on. Which brings me to my second reason for hating summer... it's just too damn hot. Plain and simple. Seriously... 90+ degree weather is maybe the worst condition for outdoor enjoyment of which I can possibly think. Even for the beach since you burn to a crisp. Sunscreens or no sunscreens. 

Yet I also have to admit... given the dread I feel for 12 weeks each year, THIS summer has been pretty much doable so far. Much better than I would have imagined. Of course I do no errands whatsoever until about 6:00 each evening, but who's counting. I also try not to leave my house before noon and I totally try to be sure I'm home by no later than 3:00. Which basically means that so far, summer has been better than I expected.

One of the things I have loved doing this summer is laying out on my deck at about 7:00 let's say, after the sun has moved over to the other side of my house and thus I get to enjoy the fantastic breezes we've had during the early evenings. It is soooo peaceful and a perfect setting for entertaining. 

I also love looking at my beautiful planters, filled with such great summer flowers. I myself can't take any credit for them btw, since for the first time ever, I had them professionally planted. Talk about easy! I've also been doing alot of socializing with friends for dinners out, plays, movies, etc. so naturally... that's right up my alley. 

Biggest news of all, however is the fact that lo and behold I've even been indulging in downing some of the best cocktail drinks ever... which is way out of my ordinary box. Man. Mixing all sorts of liquid goodies with Vodka turns out to be a most delicious drink, indeed. Nice and icy daiquiris are another favorite. So bottom line: I'm totally loving becoming a part time lush.

Anyway, I still have about 8 more weeks of full on summer and I pray to God the temps stay pretty much where they are now... in the low to mid 80s. Granted... we've had some high 80s but I totally don't have to deal with that since for SURE I'll be inside with the A.C. blaring. It's about this time btw, that I usually begin ticking off each week, knowing that by this time next week for instance, I'll have only about 7 more weeks before autumn is ready to kick in. You have no idea how much pleasure this thought gives me.

In the meantime... in the interest of documentation... I've decided to show some of my favorite summer picts to kind of show you how the past few weeks have gone for me. Thus in no particular order, down below are some of the snapshots. Take a gander and you'll then get a sort of glimpse into the Land of Linda enduring her most hated season. 

Oh yeah...the 4th of July fireworks are needless to say, definitely the highlight of each summer. Well that and hotdogs. In fact there was one weekend where I was invited to 3 different occasions, all of which served hotdogs and beans! Talk about striking culinary gold. Soooooo delicious. Mix that up with corn on the cob... also my favorite... and bingo. I'm in definite heaven. 

So basically... by now I only have only half a summer yet to go and then the REAL heaven begins. Autumn! I so can't wait. On the other hand, if summer continues they way it has, I think I just may make it through with flying colors afterall. 

An excellent cocktail!

Yippee! Day lilies in my front yard garden!

Major relaxation in my favorite lounge chair.

Stunning scene while dining at the country club!

How much do I love having wine named after me!!

Ahhh. A wonderful gift of exquisite double sided orchids!

LOVE my planters!

Uh... erotica in the clouds??? Eeeks.

An orange moon. Breathtaking!