Sunday, July 29, 2018


Dedicated to: Gail, who through a stroke of luck, happened  upon my blog and had such kind words to send my way. So happy you accidently discovered Living As Linda. And… had a chuckle or two while visiting.

So low and behold the big day has indeed now come and gone. The day I turned 70 years old.

Turns out it was a wonderful day, as was the big celebration a few days before. Am so telling you… a sure way to overcome the shock of becoming way old is to totally have a bunch of your favorite folks at a happy bash and bingo. Next thing you know, the disturbing realization of being much closer to The End is suddenly soothed by celebrating with family and friends.

For believe you me… turning 70 is a milestone, for sure. Besides, who even knows whether or not I’ll even be around for 75 so what the hell. Celebrate now. Serioulsy… know just how many people never even SEE 70?? I have too many friends who didn’t and don’t even get me started on celebrities, etc. who not only kicked the bucket before hand but more importantly… suffered from ill health. Uh… apparently my addiction to Diet Coke and a high carb diet has paid off pretty well up to this point. From here on in, who the hell cares whether or not I hold out to 75. Life has been pretty damn good to me and I’ve enjoyed the ride, plenty. Thus shed no tears if I happen to meet my Maker before 75. I’ve lived what I affectionately call a “lifetime” already, thank goodness. So what could be bad?

Besides… becoming 80??? OMG. I don’t even want to think of my physical condition by then. For I see no glory whatsoever in not knowing what the hell day it is or not being able to drive or God forbid… being in pain. Nor is there any glory in living beyond the monies one may have to support a somewhat comfy life style. No bucks, no life, is the way I see it. Anyway…

Sure enough, I had a great party. There were about 44 of us gathered for a great evening of excellent food, excellent rock and roll, bebopping on the dance floor and naturally… enjoying some outstanding birthday cake. The weather was delightful after days and days of rain and plans for having coffee and cake out on the veranda, amongst the stunning NC mountains, worked out perfectly fine. Yippee. My guests and I had fun, for sure.

Oh yeah… in case you don’t know exactly what 70 looks like in 2018… boom. There you have it in the picture up above. Thanks btw, to the photographer, Nick, whom I hired to make sure the momentous occasion was captured for posterity. Yes… I know. Jane Fonda looked about 40 at her 70th birthday party, but basically SHE is a freak of nature. Not to mention: stunning. I on the other hand am neither but who gives a shit. Which reminds me... you've checked out Christie Brinkley lately?? SO not fair. Oh well.

All in all I have about 175 pictures and I must admit, everyone in them look like they had a terrific time. The tables and centerpieces all looked pretty festive and thus I was able to capture just the vibe for which I was hoping. It was simple: fun and feast.  Bingo. Mission accomplished.

And just to assure we got off to the right start, btw, I had guests being served champagne as they entered the party. My take is: no sense being bummed when you can so easily be buzzed. Kinda like: why take chances your shindig is a flop.

I must admit… I would have loved to have had my brother and parents at my party. They would never have believed that I was so happy to celebrate this occasion. Nor that I am so happy here in my beloved little town, let alone how glad I am to have my sister and sister in law living here, as well.

So basically, the bottom line is: YAY BIRTHDAYS! For all of you who can celebrate in a big way or small… celebrate indeed! Life is to be enjoyed and while they say it’s the little things in life that count, believe you me, bigger, happy bashes totally don’t hurt in the least.

Now of course, I’m off to begin my pre-prep for a colonoscopy I am having this week. The actual prep begins tomorrow. Don’t ask. Yet another sign of being 70. Not a great sign mind you, but a sign nonetheless. Speaking of which: Dear God. Please don’t let me shrink one iota this coming year. I could almost handle the colonoscopy better than I might a short stature.