Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Okay... first of all, I can not beLIEVE how long it's been since I've had chance to write. Man, have I been busy. I actually have about five entries started, but never had time to finish any one of them before boom. Something ELSE of note popped into my head and next thing you know... days and days go by before I in fact, upload an actual, completed entry. Talk about time flying when having fun.

Second of all, today however.... something happened that I decided I needed to write about and actually finish! Turns out I learned that apparently I'm... sitting down??... A NO GOOD UNPAID WHORE. Whoa. Shocking right?? THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT, TOO. I WAS SIMPLY FLABBERGASTED to say the least. But...

According to Dr. Laura that's exactly what I am. WTF?? 

So let's start at the beginning. Many years ago, while driving in the car, I used to listen to this conceited, judgmental, sick thinking lady until one day I had finally had ENOUGH of her bullshit advice. I mean geez... she was soooo cruel, so inflexible, so arrogant and just so full of herself. 

Which means you can only IMAGINE how totally thrilled I was in 1998 when naked pictures of her were splashed all over the Internet. I was in my total glory. Here... in case you happened to miss the entire event... check this out although I warn you now: 1. They are explicit and 2. MAYbe they're picts of someone else although the word on the street is that it's truly her. Graphic Nude Dr. Laura  

Besides... her degree in psychoanalysis, psychiatry, counseling, etc. is totally non existent. Get this... she has instead a Ph.D in physiology and btw, claims to have grown up in the most dysfunctional, unloving home known to man.

So with credentials like this, you can imagine my shock over a caller she was speaking with today. Oh yeah... indeed, I did flip over to her station during some commercial on another station... after YEARS of not listening to her. But whatever. Turns out the caller today was about 25 years old, not in school, not working, was jilted by her boyfriend and bingo. Is also pregnant.

I won't get into the details of the caller's problem but suffice it to say there was a family battle over what do do about this predicament. As in: abortion vs. adoption vs. keeping the kid. The caller wants to keep it. The family wants her to abort it and Dr. Laura insists the absolute only acceptable option is adoption. Unless of course you want to be considered an immoral murderer for the rest of your life and live in purgatory for ever and ever. Which is totally Dr. Laura's stance.

It was basically at this point that the good doctor claimed the girl and ANYone who ever had sex outside of marriage is nothing more than a filthy, rotten, "unpaid whore" who absolutely cheapens the sexual experience let alone the sanctity of marriage. 

NO WONDER I HATE THIS WOMAN. She's not only turned the Roe vs. Wade victory back 40 years, but her thinking has also totally removed any advances ever made in a woman's ability to made her own decision about her own body. Jesus... the whole thing makes me sick to my stomach.

But not as sick as making ME feel like an unpaid whore. WHO THE F IS THIS BITCH TO HAVE THE AUDACITY TO LABEL ME AS A WHORE?? I am stunned, to say the least.  For truth be told... NEWS FLASH... I myself have indeed had sexual encounters... more than once in my life I might add... as a single woman with no interest whatsoever in marrying the guy. Thus I am telling you right now: despite Dr. Asshole, I AM NO WHORE IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER. In fact, I've never regretted any of my encounters and get this... even married two. Plus... any sexual experience I've had with ANY gentleman has been happy, warm, consenting and thankfully, pretty damn pleasurable.

To imagine that Dr. Bullshit can get on public airwaves and spew such judgment upon all women no matter what the circumstance, including wanting to enjoy a sexual relationship with someone you may never marry, is way more indecent in my book than actually having said relationship. Granted being an out and out slut is nothing to which one should aspire. Nor is sleeping around with people about whom you don't give a shit. 

But seriously. You're in love with someone? You're even really really really in like with someone? Then hell... why NOT enjoy a wonderful sexual relationship that holds joy and meaning? If you're adult and feel sex is something you want to share with someone important and you use dependable protection then geez... give me a break. GO AHEAD. GET LAID.

And... if you DO elect to enjoy sexual relationships mark my words: you are NOT necessarily "an unpaid whore." Rather... you're probably way in love with someone with whom you want to share fantastic intimacy. Which only begs my response to Dr. Laura's horrible labeling of many many women: UH... GO F YOURSELF, LAURA.