Thursday, July 16, 2015


I do have to admit... each year I look forward to summer with total dread. First of all, day light savings time downright sucks. Who the hell wants to see sun until 8:45 p.m. anyway?? Besides, that just means the heat of the day lingers on and on and on. And on. Which brings me to my second reason for hating summer... it's just too damn hot. Plain and simple. Seriously... 90+ degree weather is maybe the worst condition for outdoor enjoyment of which I can possibly think. Even for the beach since you burn to a crisp. Sunscreens or no sunscreens. 

Yet I also have to admit... given the dread I feel for 12 weeks each year, THIS summer has been pretty much doable so far. Much better than I would have imagined. Of course I do no errands whatsoever until about 6:00 each evening, but who's counting. I also try not to leave my house before noon and I totally try to be sure I'm home by no later than 3:00. Which basically means that so far, summer has been better than I expected.

One of the things I have loved doing this summer is laying out on my deck at about 7:00 let's say, after the sun has moved over to the other side of my house and thus I get to enjoy the fantastic breezes we've had during the early evenings. It is soooo peaceful and a perfect setting for entertaining. 

I also love looking at my beautiful planters, filled with such great summer flowers. I myself can't take any credit for them btw, since for the first time ever, I had them professionally planted. Talk about easy! I've also been doing alot of socializing with friends for dinners out, plays, movies, etc. so naturally... that's right up my alley. 

Biggest news of all, however is the fact that lo and behold I've even been indulging in downing some of the best cocktail drinks ever... which is way out of my ordinary box. Man. Mixing all sorts of liquid goodies with Vodka turns out to be a most delicious drink, indeed. Nice and icy daiquiris are another favorite. So bottom line: I'm totally loving becoming a part time lush.

Anyway, I still have about 8 more weeks of full on summer and I pray to God the temps stay pretty much where they are now... in the low to mid 80s. Granted... we've had some high 80s but I totally don't have to deal with that since for SURE I'll be inside with the A.C. blaring. It's about this time btw, that I usually begin ticking off each week, knowing that by this time next week for instance, I'll have only about 7 more weeks before autumn is ready to kick in. You have no idea how much pleasure this thought gives me.

In the meantime... in the interest of documentation... I've decided to show some of my favorite summer picts to kind of show you how the past few weeks have gone for me. Thus in no particular order, down below are some of the snapshots. Take a gander and you'll then get a sort of glimpse into the Land of Linda enduring her most hated season. 

Oh yeah...the 4th of July fireworks are needless to say, definitely the highlight of each summer. Well that and hotdogs. In fact there was one weekend where I was invited to 3 different occasions, all of which served hotdogs and beans! Talk about striking culinary gold. Soooooo delicious. Mix that up with corn on the cob... also my favorite... and bingo. I'm in definite heaven. 

So basically... by now I only have only half a summer yet to go and then the REAL heaven begins. Autumn! I so can't wait. On the other hand, if summer continues they way it has, I think I just may make it through with flying colors afterall. 

An excellent cocktail!

Yippee! Day lilies in my front yard garden!

Major relaxation in my favorite lounge chair.

Stunning scene while dining at the country club!

How much do I love having wine named after me!!

Ahhh. A wonderful gift of exquisite double sided orchids!

LOVE my planters!

Uh... erotica in the clouds??? Eeeks.

An orange moon. Breathtaking!

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