Monday, July 27, 2015


I am far from having a problem with vanity license plates. I actually sort of have one myself. I told the lady what I wanted mine to say and boom. It's been on my cars for the past 10 years. But lately? I swear to God... I can't believe what I've been seeing around town lately. In fact the first time I saw it, I was shocked. 

So shocked actually that although I was driving, I had to whip out my camera immediately, regardless of being in traffic. Bingo. I caught a shot of it. You can see it there, up above. Seriously?? THAT'S a license plate nowadays?? OMG. What's the world coming to, anyway?? Hell. Why not just have a plate that says FCK U. Which believe me... if I could... I so would consider it.

In the meantime, as soon as I got home and settled, I came to the computer and began searching this DCK deal on the internet. I had to. I just couldn't fathom such a plate being an option. I first began with North Carolina since I couldn't imagine in a million years it was possible the state DMV was issuing this. However no such luck in finding it on their site. Nor could I really find it on any other site although Google did get me to some crazy ass locations. 

But nothing pertaining to what I was looking for. I truly wanted info all about this DCK bit. I did come across a Texas license plate however that was rejected 1-2-3. Gee. I wonder why. Get a load of this:

Totally makes me laugh right smack out loud! I also came across some t shirt site that told me these letters stand for DRINKING CAN KILL but I am pretty iffy on that one. Believe me... I am the first one in line to get behind the concept of Don't Drink and Drive but man. This takes things to a whole new level. The BEST laugh I had while on the t shirt site btw, was this one. It SO wins the prize, hands down.

Can you imagine?? I would go nuts with laughter were I ever to walk down the street and see some guy wearing this! It would give me reason in a flash, to stop and have a whole conversation with him, for sure. Anyway...

Okay. So maybe this one license plate was a fluke. But THEN... lo and behold... in the next couple of weeks, I came across two others, also roaming the streets. Again, I had to grab a pict. The shots of those are down below. Which kinda makes me feel maybe my DMV IS in fact selling these plates afterall. 

Really? Am I the only one in the city stunned at this? Wow. I'm just sort of taken aback, but okay. If that's the way of the world right now, then who am I to cause a stir. Besides... if the world today is in a delirious spin over Kim K.'s ass, then I guess it can handle DCK pretty damn easily.

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