Saturday, August 1, 2015


Now THIS is a diamond ring. OH. MY. GOD. Can you even IMAGINE?? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I know. This ring is totally not for the faint of heart but as my Mother used to say: There has yet to be a diamond mined that could ever be too big to wear. I dare say Elizabeth Taylor whole heartedly agreed. 

Which brings us to the quiz for the day: Any of these names sound familiar... Harry Winston? Tiffany? Cartier? If you're a woman, then these jewelry company names should totally be on the tip of your tongue at the drop of a hat. For these companies make it their huge business to supply those with wealth, some of THE most outstanding jewels in the world. Often those with MAJOR wealth. Of which there must be plenty because business is booming. 

In that vein... according to Marilyn Monroe, diamonds are a girl's best friend. But according to De Beers, a diamond mining company since 1888, "a diamond is forever". Both thoughts are actually pretty true and to drive home the point, all three of the jewelers listed above, along with HORDES of others, create their diamond designs, often including rubies and emeralds and sapphires and pearls and gold. A home run no matter which the combo.

In my 20s btw, I was totally into all the De Beers campaign ads... I was like their target audience. The ad always included some sort of text whose content always spoke to a kind of poetic love. I adored the simplicity of their ads back then... a full page with some sort of excellent photo... and then naturally, at the bottom of the page was the tagline" A Diamond is Forever". Today's ads from De Beers is often the same idea but in my opinion, far edgier and in many ways, alot more creative. Case in point:

Kinda catchy, right? Which got me to surfing the net recently, searching out stunning diamond jewelry. Alot from Cartier, in particular. Diamonds and gold are my favorite go to pieces btw and while my Mother and/or Elizabeth could afford the real deal, I myself have taken to the love of a top of the line faux jewel. Well okay. Even middle of the line, too. Oh man... I can't even TELL you what stunners you can find in faux settings and/or designs. And, like my mother, nothing can ever be too big for me. Of course in Mom's case, she's thinking something like 8 to 10 real, perfect cut carats. In MY case I'm thinking ten times that amount.

For instance... just get a load of THIS necklace I bought recently. HOLY BA HOLY. 250 CARATS IS MY GUESS!!! Maybe the largest diamond in the entire universe for all I know. SOOOOO fantastic is all I can say. All in a single solitaire setting!

Talk about a statement piece, right? I wanted to wear it to a birthday dinner party at a friend's home last night but even I knew that I had to restrain myself and wait for a dressier occasion. Like tonight actually, when I hosted a little dinner get together at the country club. I was totally thrilled! 

I know... I was probably like one of those old ladies you see where you just have to look at her and say REALLY? IS SHE OUT OF HER MIND? SHE'S ALL DOLLED UP AS IF SHE'S HEADED ON OVER TO BUCKINGHAM PALACE?? SERIOUSLY? But I didn't care. I loved wearing my necklace, regardless. Besides... I ran into Tony, a guy I know, who commented on what he claimed must be the Hope Diamond around my neck. Shows what he knows however, given mine is WAY bigger.

Of course NOTHING is like the Crown Jewels of England. Or Russia, even. Boy do those Royals know how to wear diamonds, alright! Their necklaces, tiaras, bracelets and earrings are worth zillions. And... their rubies and emeralds? OMG. Don't even ask. Cartier has been creating designs for Royalty for ever and I shudder to imagine what their insurance policy costs must be! 

Which reminds me... my Mother had a major sized 6 to 8 carat diamond solitaire I think, and the cost was way too pricey for being insured, so she basically told the jeweler: tell you what. Make up a faux ring just like this to match the real one and that's what I'll wear more often so when I'm robbed it won't be such a big deal, afterall. Hoping of course the thieves don't do her in, in the process. Now that I think about it though, I sort of seem to remember the real one eventually being stolen afterall, but no need to get bogged down with details. Anyway...

For your viewing pleasure, take a look at some of these outstanding creations down below from Cartier. SO beautiful. Turns out I spent a simply delightful couple of hours one afternoon staring at a whole bunch of stunning jewels, and I think these could be the winners of the day. BTW... if you don't know right off the bat for whom Cartier designed the Flamingo Pin then you totally need to brush up on your world famous jewelry information. Just saying.


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