Tuesday, August 11, 2015


So the time has come. Time to talk about Trump, that is. Whose New York hotels btw, are nothing short of stunning. I was outta my mind with delight once, when I was able to actually dine in the Trump Tower restaurant. I am a total sucker for all luxury decor thus I couldn't even have cared less how the food tasted although believe me. I ate with gusto.

I was also outta my mind with delight watching THE APPRENTICE on Sunday nights, which I saw for many seasons. I had to stop though, once they began bringing in idiots like Gary Busey and Dennis Rodman. Oh man. Talk about SCARY. Plus, all these crazed people started fighting like total jerks and finally I just had to say: Okee Dokee. Nice knowing you. I'm outta here. I so can't watch this anymore.

In the meantime, I always saw The Donald as an affable enough sort of man. One who was pretty bright, maybe pushy and wonderfully rich. I even read THE ART OF THE DEAL when it was first published way back when. 

Then he ran for President, 2016.

Which if you check out the picture up above, may give you an insight into what sort of candidate he is. Is that a great shot or WHAT??? I so love it. I'm now almost thinking this is pretty much his attitude to anyone who isn't a blood relative. 

Of course he's said three times in the past he'd run but apparently he lied. Until now, that is. Holy shit. This is SOME candidate, alright. For the highest office in the land, no less. Is Donald Trump on heavy meds or something??? I can't beLIEVE he imagines himself a politician nor can I believe his love for bullying. A great negotiator? Okay. I'll buy it. A great compromiser? I doubt it. A great political figure? I want to throw up.

To me, this is a man for which the line: "better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt" was definitely created. Seriously. Watching Donald Trump campaign is pretty painful. And so it was while watching the debate, also. Which btw was pretty much the highlight of the day for me last Thursday. I couldn't WAIT to see this!

On the other hand... I completely hate Megyn Kelly. I hated her even more when right out of the gate, she slammed Trump with her question regarding women although granted, Trump IS often petty and insulting when he discusses women. But it was like Megyn herself was a bully by utterly and deliberately sticking it to him in her very first breath. As a matter of fact, I had to actually look up what channel Fox is on my TV given I'd NEVER allow Fox News to be viewed in my home. I know. I'm a woman of principle, I guess. 

Btw... how any woman can vote Republican is beyond me. Not a one is out and out pro choice. Which just disturbs me to no end. I mean really?? What man in Congress deserves to tell me when and when not to have a kid? How about I make that decision without having to explain myself. And... further... to deny a woman's right to choose in a possible rape and/or incest is sheer misogyny at it's ugliest.

And oh yeah... if anyone were to ask a husband which is it? Mother or child? And the hubby says child, I'D KILL HIM. What? After 10 years together let's say, and three children later, you're going to do her in and leave your kids motherless? Is that a joke?? LET HER LIVE for Christ sakes. For folks so into saving a life, this sort of thinking is just SO twisted. The whole damn thing makes me sick to my stomach. Anyway...

Goes to show how dumb Americans are, for even today... get this... TRUMP IS STILL AHEAD in the polls! Even worse... Scott Walker is the next runner up, only about 10 points behind Trump. QUICK. PACK YOUR BAGS. GET READY TO FLEE THIS COUNTRY, BUT FAST. We are SO in big trouble. It basically boils down to: if it's a maniacal egotist you're looking for, boom. You're good to go since you've now got a chance to make Donald Trump President of the United States. Oh yeah... and good luck trying to figure out his platform.

Turns out btw, I was out to dinner Thursday night, so I totally missed the "kids' table" debate but supposedly Carly did really well. Which I'm happy about given that if I HAD to vote for a Republican, she very well may turn out to be a woman of substance. Slight glitch though given she has some really crazy ass stances that are way outta my zone which is why I'm crossing my fingers but tightly in the hopes I never have to personally elect ANY Republican. Ever. Which reminds me... I am not crazy about Hilary this time around, either. But more about that, another time.

For now I just have to say that the sooner Trump gets out of the lineup, the better. For many reasons the other candidates are simply flipped he is making such a splash thus far. I don't blame them. Who knew a crazier guy than Ted Cruz would be in the running?? Let alone totally incompetent. Maybe the best thing I can say about Donald is: Man. Does his daughter have a fantastic jewelry line or what?? If only I had $6000 to throw around I'd so buy this emerald like ring in a flash! And then celebrate of course by checking into one of his hotels lickety split. Cause afterall... emerald IS my birthstone.



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