Friday, August 7, 2015


These guys happen to look familiar to you? They were my alltime favorite comic book characters and I well remember reading them but plenty was I was a kid. Like 8 to 12 years old maybe?? I'm kinda hoping I moved past comic books when I was 13, but don't hold me to it. 

All I know is that while Sluggo and Nancy were excellent, I also loved Lulu and Fritzy Ritz, and I'm going to go out on a limb here and say the story lines in all of the comic books I read were absolutely astonishingly pretty lame. Which is probably why I loved them so. Reading these comics btw, were a comPLETE waste of time if it was fine literature you were looking for. Apparently I wasn't. Crappy comic books with no story line nor any substance whatsoever suited me just fine. What an idiot I must have been.

In the meantime, Nancy was an orphan who just sort of showed up at her aunt's house... Aunt Fritzi Ritz. Also a comic book. Back in those days, I remember reading not only the comic books, but also the Sunday morning newspaper cartoon strip of Fritzi Ritz, too. Which was also pretty lame. Not that it stopped me from reading it each and every week, mind you but whatever. Sluggo was by far Nancy's best friend but there was also Rollo the Rich Kid, Irma, Pee Wee, etc. etc.

To me, all the characters were pretty much happy and carefree little kids and maybe got into some mischief but overall this was totally a doofus sort of comic strip and/or book. But the kids all seemed happy enough to me and besides... I was such an innocent back then, happy little kids drawn in happy little colors seemed all I needed to get my full of garbage reading. Oh yeah... I also loved Lulu and Tubby. And Archie. And maybe Dennis the Menace. Highbrow comics like Batman or Superman or Wonder Woman were way outta my league, not to mention outta my interest zone. Anyway...

What knocks me out about Sluggo is his haircut. I mean really... in any other setting, this kid would totally be a child thug. Seriously... wearing his black jacket and little cap is a dead giveaway. Yet when I was into reading Nancy, I never once thought of Sluggo as a guy with some punch. He just seemed to me a happy go lucky little kid who just must have been cold alot. Granted, he was not from the same neighborhood as Nancy, but still. I only saw him as a kid with a crazy ass haircut. Which brings me to the reason I recently thought of Sluggo in the first place.

I was at my hairdresser's the other day and I told her, per usual, I wanted the back of hair/neck cut close to my head. I hate having hair hanging down my neck and I just wanted a nice clean look. On the other hand, I also told her, I do not want a Sluggo look. A WHO LOOK?? Shianne had no clue whatsoever who the hell Sluggo was! I said: SLUGGO. AS IN: NANCY AND SLUGGO. AS IN: COMIC BOOKS. AS IN: 1950s. Still... no clue. Which of course is why I totally love my cell phone. BINGO. 1-2-3. I was able to get onto the web, search Sluggo and yippee. Hordes of Sluggo images came up. SHIANNE... HERE: MEET SLUGGO. THE HAIRCUT I DON'T WANT. Naturally I was rolling on the floor laughing, for as you can see... Sluggo HAS NO HAIR. MERELY PLUGS. Man... talk about close shaven, right? 

Then of course I got into a whole big deal of jeez... talk about my being old! I have a woman cutting my hair... world's best, btw... who has never even SEEN the comic books I grew up with! I didn't even dare ask Shianne about Petunia and Porky Pig, btw. So much for closing the generational gap, I guess. But in the meantime...

Yippee. I walked out with a fantastic haircut. Which reminds me... a while back I announced that I was going to let my hair grow out to it's natural color, in hopes of it becoming a stunning white. So as way of an update... the back of my head is pretty much all white by now, given that it gets cut the shortest each time I see Shianne. The sides are sorta almost becoming all white with each haircut. It's the front that's taking the longest to grow out so basically it boils down to this: if you look at my face, you'd still say I've got blonde hair. If on the other hand you look at me from the back you'd say excellent cut, beautiful white and whew... totally not Sluggo!         

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