Thursday, August 9, 2012


I am so not into the Olympics. Yes, I loved the first two nights, but that's only because I was watching it with a whole bunch of people. Here at home I'm merely pissed that they are overriding several of my favorite TV shows. Which is pretty hard to do given I have so few.

On the other hand, just yesterday my interest in the Olympics were piqued quite a bit more. Check out the photo up above and you'll see why. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? THIS IS A PHOTO THE PROUD PARENTS CAN ACTUALLY FRAME?? OMG... I soooo love this entire deal. Boom. I'm back into the games, afterall.

The guy of... uh... note... in this picture is Henrik Rummel, one of the four members on the winning rowing team from the U.S. They only received a Bronze Medal, but in my book?? THEY SO DESERVE THE GOLD. Especially Henrik. I mean seriously... this photo is SO up my alley.

Henrik swears he is not erect. Yippee. Even better. And, naturally no one has any way of proving it. Not that they even have to. The mere delight of this shot makes me smile plenty, as is. I just can't beLIEVE how the camera caught the best shot in all of London, as far as I'm concerned. Thank you indeed Mr. Photographer.

BTW... according to some doctor, this guy HAS to be a rower. Or, anything but a swimmer. Turns out having a sexy sized dork only gets in the way of making great time in the swimming competition. Which makes me feel sorta badly for Michael Phelps, I guess. Yes, he's received more Gold than any other participant but oops. He may not be as blessed as we thought, afterall. Sorry Michael. Can't have everything, as they say.

Which is why I thank Henrik for re-igniting my interest in the most famous of games. Up until now, I was counting the days until they ended. Now I'm just counting on seeing way more of the rowing team. If that's even possible given what I'm seeing already. YEA RUMMEL.