Sunday, August 5, 2012


See this ring? I have one almost exactly like it, except no diamond bagets on the side. Damnit. That could have REALLY anted up the value. Regardless, I love this ring. I wear it often. And, everytime I wear it... I get hordes of compliments from total strangers.

Take yesterday for example. I went to get a manicure and a lovely lady sitting next to me starting talking. At first she wanted to know what I had been saying in an earlier  conversation I had with a different customer about insurance companies. I filled her in on the said conversation and then she began going on and on about what a beautiful ring I was wearing. She asked if it was it was tanzanite and I said no. I should have said yes.

Turns out tanzanite is a precious stone considered by many to be one of the most beautiful gems in the world. Especially the one I was supposedly wearing since it's about 15 carats, at least. It has this most stunning deep royal blue color which worked perfectly with the top I was wearing. Anyway, this ring gets noticed by EVERYone. Boom. Mission accomplished.

In the meantime, the lady talking to me was pretty impressed with my stone. She SO needn't have been. While I have made it my job to buy fantastic looking faux jewelry, naturally hoping to fool even the best of jewelers, this tanzanite looking ring wasn't even close to faux. It was more like a Cracker Jack ring.

Turns out that my ring was a mere party favor I had bought for a luncheon a couple of years ago. AND USED AS A NAPKIN RING HOLDER at each place setting. Can you imagine?? Not only that... the price of the ring set me back a mere... sitting down???... $1.39!!!

WHOA. Talk about fooling the eye, huh?? Can you believe it?? A $2500 ring for only 1.39?? Now THAT'S a bargain if ever there was. I so wanted to tell the unsuspecting lady that she too, could have this for mere pennies but why spoil the fabulous illusion I had going?? Am telling you... you want bling? Then you want this ring. Or the one I have in Ruby, Diamond or Amethyst.