Sunday, August 26, 2012


Jeez... I'm plenty freaked right now. No major biggie. Not yet, anyway. However come later tonight... I could be hurting but plenty.

While I'm pretty particular about who hops into my bed, I do have to say tonight would not be a good night for ANYone to do so. Why you ask? Easy.

Earlier this morning I was redesigning a garment... a dress to be exact... and after I finished doing the work that was needed on the sewing machine, I then went to my bed to sit down, get comfortable and complete the hand sewing I needed to do. I had the needle and thread in hand, but oops. The thread color was totally wrong. Soooo... like always, I stuck the needle in my comforter, got up and went to grab the right colored thread instead. Bingo. I'm ready to get back to work. UH... NOT SO FAST.

I sit back down.. and then... where the hell is my NEEDLE??? IT'S GONE! IT DISAPPEARED! NO WHERE TO BE FOUND!! I COULD KILL MYSELF TONIGHT WHEN I HOP INTO BED!! EEEEEEEKS!!! Don't ask. I'm soooo doomed.

I could not beLIEVE I lost the fucking needle. In my bed, no less. In the meantime, I immediately started  fluffing out the comforter. And shaking out the top sheet. And scanning the bottom sheet, moving my hand all along it. I even man handled my beloved pillow. WTF?? The needle escaped right smack into thin air??

Oh man... this SO can't be good. I even check the carpet next to the bed. IT'S JUST NOT THERE. IT'S JUST NOT ANYwhere. Which meant: time to say the hell with it and merely chalk this lost needle bit up to... easy come, easy go. As in: accept the mystery, pretend I'll never be able to ever solve it and just forget about it altogether.

Which is exactly what I did. I plopped myself onto the bed once again, threaded a NEW needle and went along my merry way as if nothing ever happened. As if there WASN'T some strange sewing needle lost in my bed forever, just WAITING to stab me sometime tonight when I roll over. Can you IMAGINE???

Which in my mind, gives a whole new meaning to: my possibly having a prick while in bed. Oh well... I guess it probably hasn't been the first time. Maybe it won't even be the last. 


  1. I lost a needle in my bed and I'm going crazy ... :(

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