Saturday, August 11, 2012


Actually, Queen Farrokh, if you want to get metaphorically technical. Turns out Farrokh is Freddie Mercury's real name. As in: Farrokh Bulsara, from Zanzibar, Tanzania. As in: lead singer in the rock band, Queen. As in: one of my all time favorite rock stars, ever. As opposed to Elvis, who is the King of Rock & Roll or Michael Jackson, who is the King of Pop. Both of THEM are to die for while Elton is my FIRST favorite of everyone. Freddie, on the other hand, is way more hard core than any of these other three. But man oh man... I can't even tell you how I adore so many of his songs.

I'm actually learning alot about Freddie lately. No wonder. I'm reading his biography and I suggest you do, too. Especially since a movie is apparently in the works, which will star Sacha Baron Cohen. Excellent choice if you ask me. I will go NUTS when this film is released, trust me.

Freddie had major love affairs with two women in his life... to one of whom he left most of his estate. He was very self conscious of his buck teeth. His mother was from India. He was sorta bi-sexual, but mostly did men towards the end of his short life. He recorded in some of the most famous music studios ever. He loved antiques and clothes. He was hard working but loved drugs. Well, didn't we all. Sorta. Anyway...

You'd EASILY know of Freddie if you ever went to a stadium. I can guarantee you've heard: WE WILL... WE WILL... ROCK YOUUUU. You can thank Queen for that little ditty. But there are hordes more of his music you should also know. Such as one of my personal favorites:  OMG... so fantastic. I hear this and almost have to jump right outta my seat and start dancing all over the place. 

As for Freddie himself, his personal favorite Queen song  was:  Also fannnntastic.

So basically, I am loving this book I'm reading. Talk about sex, drugs and rock and roll. Freddie's life had it all. Fame. And wealth. And flamboyance. And drama. And tragedy too, I'm sorry to say. Jeez... what a loss of a most fabulous rock star. Which naturally was a loss due to AIDS, damnit.

I love the fact btw, that this guy's absolute favorite musical genre of all... was opera. Real opera. Not TOMMY or JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR or something like that. Real opera. As in: ITALIAN opera. Which you can get a feel for in one of Queen's MOST famous tunes: Bohemian Rhapsody. THIS you've got know. If not, watch... all the way through, too! The creativity, arrangement and musical production was simply groundbreaking for it's time. 

Bottom line: Neither Queen nor Freddie are for the faint of heart. But for me?? Oh man... absolutely THRILLING. Go ahead... take the plunge. I dare you to get into him.    


  1. I always loved Queen too, used to play it constantly. My fave definitely was we are the champions (is that the same as we will rock u?) "I consider it a challenge before the whole human race and I aint gonna lose! "

  2. Almost forgot ..when I was younger 2 different guys told me that "killer queen' reminded them of me..not sure if that was good or bad (prob bad) but another song I loved

  3. And I have to mention my other favorite "you're my best friend " which I used to sing to my dog cuz he truly was..thanks for bringing back these memories!


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