Sunday, August 5, 2012


This is the craziest thing I ever saw. At the beginning of summer, I was about to head out to my local nursery to buy plants for the pots on my back deck. However, one thing led to another and I never actually got there. And, apparently I didn't need to, either.

Turns out I had a garden alREADY growing inside my pot. Without my ever even knowing it, too. I was just so damn mystified by these little tiny leaves I began seeing, that I did absolutely nothing at all. Boom. Mother Nature did the rest. I AM STUNNED AT HER POWER.

Every day I watched these little baby tiny leaves grow bigger and bigger, not knowing what the fuck kind of plant it was going to turn out to be and the next thing I know... I not only have these little flowers blooming from outta no where, but also THIS FREAKIN' WEED POPS UP THAT WOULDN'T STOP GROWING. Every day it appeared as if inches were added to it's height in mere hours at a time!

I could not beLIEVE what was happening. All by itself, too! No plant food, no nuturing, no nothing. BINGO. I HAVE A BEANSTALK. As I watched this beanstalk grow, all I could say to myself was: OH MAN. NOW I SEE WHAT THEY MEAN WHEN THEY SAY HE/SHE IS GROWING LIKE A WEED. I have my very own living proof for God sakes!

For in truth, that's all this plant is. A no good damn weed! A huge one, yes... but does it ever love shooting up, taller and taller, no matter what. It's incredible. I know... most people do all they can to weed out the weeds, yank them up and throw them away but I just CAN'T. I'M ASTOUNDED BY THIS PLANT. Seriously... one day it was a quarter of an eighth of an inch high and the next thing you know... whammo... right before my very eyes, it's bordering on becoming a small TREE!

Also.. I'm becoming very protective of it, too. I swear... if this weed survives the autumn, I am so bringing this in the house during the winter. If it grows THEN?? Then I'm definitely calling the 4H club and entering it into some category next Spring for some sort of a prize they must have. Oh yeah... and just WAIT til I feed it some Miracle Grow. Blue Ribbon, here I come. I swear... I could so win.

Who knows? By the end of all this, I might even be inspired enough to grow ACTUAL weed. Now THERE'S a thought.