Friday, January 13, 2012


It kinda freaks me out how Google knows everything about me other than maybe the fact that I need to buy a new carton of Diet Coke tomorrow. And guess what? They know everything about YOU, too! There is now absolutely no privacy whatsoever left in our lives anymore.

I use Gmail and I use Blogspot and I use Picasa and I use Google Earth and of course I search on Google all day long. Given my adoration of these five programs... you can't iMAGine how much info they've collected on me by now.... and as I said... everyone else on the planet, too. J. Edgar Hoover would have a freakin' field day if he were still alive.

Google knows all the picture albums I have on the web. It also knows what the exterior of my house looks like and probably where my house is even located. It knows of course, every entry I've ever made on this blog and what REALLY gets me is that it knows every single email I send or receive. No wonder. It's all stored on their server, just like everything else in the world. Case in point:

Every time I get an email, Google knows exactly what the content is and accordingly, throws up banners of info that could be relative in some way. For instance... if the the subject of the mail is... oh... let's say PAINTING, boom. Next thing you know, the banner just above my email screen has the name of a suggested painting contractor in my area! Were I to receive an email that's discussing cookbooks, the banner would show me something about NUTRITION. AND, Gmail is kinda proud of the help they're offering to me! HUH?? Who the hell asked them to read my mail and then make suggestions for the banner ads?? Are you kidding me?? STOP READING MY MAIL, PLEASE.

Actually, I think that there is a way for me to turn off the banners but to me, that solves nothing. Google would STILL be reading my emails, but simply would not be showing the ads pertaining to said mail. Besides... who needs my mail? Google has, like I mentioned before, HORDES of info about me anyway. My house, my pictures, my cell phone info, etc. You name it, Google can grab it. I mean seriously... given the smart phone GPS app, Google can even follow me as I'm driving, for God sakes.

Which only means: having trouble reaching me? Want to know where I am in the city? Geez... CALL GOOGLE. They'll know. And, if they don't answer, call ONSTAR. Since I use that service too, should I ever have an accident or be in danger, their satellite ALSO follows my every move. Anyway....

It just blows my mind that nothing about me is private anymore. Hell... I think even WalMart has my social security number at this point. Probably my grocery store, too. Now what is THAT all about? I must be getting old or something since I'm now longing for the good ole days when the only privacy you REALLY had to worry about was whether or not your past boyfriends would ever kiss and tell. In my case, if they ever DID tell, I am praying they made up some really hot shit about me.

And I guess given texting, Twitter and Facebook even that is now up for grabs. A whole new meaning, I see to: my life is but an open book. Good thing I'm no longer job hunting, btw. God only knows what Human Resources could find. Which is why I worry for Generation X. Some of those kids could DEFINITELY be in trouble when they apply for jobs. OH, YOU WANT YOU WORK HERE? OKAY. BUT WAIT... WHAT ABOUT THAT PICTURE WE SAW WHERE YOUR FRIEND TAGGED YOU IN A PHOTO WHILE YOU WERE DOING DOPE?? Oops. Sorry. We can't hire you. We're a drug free business. During office hours AND during your personal time. Besides, we see according to your newest credit score, you're kinda in major debt.

Can you imagine? This whole deal is like getting out of control, if you ask me. I do however, love the app whereby a parent can follow a kid driving a car and knowing where the car is headed. Plus the parent can know if the speed limit is being obeyed. That alone would have spared me many a gray hair, I bet.

All I know is... this is a whole new world folks. God only knows what else Google has on me. Who knew I could become so important? Man... want to know everyplace I ever lived? Who my family members are or what all our ages are? Have no fear. It's all the internet. Which CAN be interesting sometimes. Try going to your town's online public records. Boom. You can find out what every person you've ever met spent for their home and whether or not they're up to date on real estate taxes.

As if I give a damn. Besides, when you start doing THAT then you KNOW you've got way too much down time on your hands.