Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Tonight was a pretty interesting dinner in terms of fine dining. I loved it! It all began when Frieda and I were talking a few weeks ago about how we'd love to one evening, go to dinner and completely forego the entree altogether. In it's stead, we wanted: ice cream. As in: a banana split, let's say, at... sitting down?? AT DAIRY QUEEN!! Now in my book, THAT'S a fantastic meal.

Sure enough, next thing you know, in no time at all, we had about 10 others sign on for this exclusive dining experience. And, tonight was the night. We all hooked up at Dairy Queen at six thirty, got in line and ordered the best crap food you ever tasted. Now that I think of it... the men pretty much added an actual entree to their order, but not so much the women. Well, maybe they did, too... I can't remember exactly. Frieda and I stuck to the game plan as promised, however. She had her banana split and I had a small cup of chocolate ice cream. Soft ice cream, no less. SOOOO DELICIOUS. Okay maybe the word ice cream is stretching it a bit.. frozen chemicals may be more apt. But still.... delicious chemicals nevertheless.

It killed me by the way that I couldn't get what I REALLY wanted... a hot fudge sundae with whipped cream and nuts. But given this new diet plan of mine, there was just so far I was willing to push the envelope this evening. Hence, the small serving of ice cream. But it was perfect, nonetheless.

Which is one of the reasons I think that being this age is so perfect. The hell with rules. You basically get to do WHATEVER THE HECK YOU WANT, WHENEVER YOU WANT. I've lived a long time following rules, living for others, accommodating this one or that one... the list goes on and on. But NOW?? In my 60s?? Being that I'm heading towards the end of my life line, so to speak... I now get to finally enjoy most everything I love on my OWN terms. Sorta. Granted there are still plenty of rules I need to follow... like filling out Medicare applications correctly or making sure my estate planning is in place... but on the whole... I get to make lots of the rules as I see fit.

I love that I no longer have to worry about carpooling kids. I love that I can eat dinner at nine thirty if I want. I love that I can control the thermostat. Let alone the remote. I love that I can nap anytime my little heart desires. Basically, I love that I get to please ME as often as possible. Now THAT'S living. Maybe lots of others learned to do that years ago and thus maybe I'm a late bloomer. On the other I'm a fast learner. Once I got into this mode of f-ing what others think... boom. I was a quick study.

So okay... it may be six months before I ever have ice cream for dinner again, but it matters not. It will so be worth it. Just knowing I CAN if I so wanted, is pleasure enough. Ahhhh... the simple pleasures in life do indeed have it's rewards. Therefore....

Suggestion for the night?? SPLURGE SOME. Go out and live a little. Break a rule, if you have to. And, be glad you're at an age where very few will even give a damn what you do/don't do! If you're my age... you have definitely earned it.