Sunday, January 1, 2012


Okay. So this is the first day of the New Year. I am happy to say that after a kind of hit and miss yoga sessions for the past six months, I am now finally back into a great daily schedule once again. THANK GOD. And... in fact.... I've even switched up the session times when needed, if I'm going out for the evening! Am telling you... that alone is a MAJOR concession on my part.

Plus, as of last June, I even began attending Core Training classes with my fantastic instructor, Ansley. Man, is SHE ever great looking. Granted I only go once a week, but hey... it IS sorta pricey! Wouldn't matter though. For during the first eight weeks, it took me three days to even MOVE after each class. Man... it was like EVERY deep muscle within my body was writhing with pain. Plus... watching me workout?? SO not a Jane Fonda type of deal. Jane?? STUNNING. Me?? This far from being in a circus. Also... after completing EVERY leg of the crazy ass circuits, I am imMEDiately forced to swear like a sailor. I'll bet Jane never did that.

In the meantime, for the last three weeks, I've been back into yoga. OH MAN. TALK ABOUT PAIN. It was like my entire body atrophied during my sabbatical. I have a couple of stretches that are still KILLERS, too. Case in point: this one stretch up above, called the Half Butterfly pose?? EXCRUCIATING. It goes like this...

You sit on floor. You stretch your legs way out in front of you. Then, you take one leg, bend it, and bring the heel of the foot up into the inner groin/thigh area of your opposite leg. THEN you bend at your waist, trying touch the knee of the straightened one with your head. You think this is EASY? Well, it IS if it's my right leg that's doing the bending. But doing the LEFT LEG? Omg... it's like my inner thigh muscles haven't stretched in YEARS. You think I swear alot during Core Training? You ain't heard NOTHING while I'm doing this particular stretch.

But OK. It's the new year and so far I'm on my way to becoming a little more fit. YIPPEE. That's the good news. The bad news?? Well, just let's say I've gotta start working on my beloved high carb diet. Maybe.