Sunday, January 8, 2012


I'm really pissed. Today I decided was the day I was going to give up my beloved high carb diet and actually eat what is GOOD for me. Let alone healthy. So not what I want to do. I am telling you... for years and years and years I have adored french fries, cherry cheesecake, ice cream sundaes, fried fish and ALL kinds of chocolate. Check out that pyramid up there. MY kind of food groups, indeed.

Granted, I've had my fill of lean meats, chicken breasts, roasted peppers, broccoli and carrots, and every sort of salad you can imagine... but please. THOSE can't even hold a CANDLE to my preferred carbs. True, the carbs are going to kill me, which trust me, is basically the ONLY reason I've decided I need to switch up my diet. Damnit.

Case in point: I was out to breakfast this morning. There were five others there. THEY of course are already way into eating right. In fact, get this... Vicky didn't even ORDER anything. Turns out two hours earlier she had HAD her breakfast. Uh... SO WHAT?? Since when does THAT matter?? Not even an English muffin? Toast with jam on it? Oh man... does SHE ever have discipline. Which naturally is going to be my BIGgest hindrance in learning to follow this new healthy diet plan.

And oh yeah... I am WAY more into feeding myself as you would a new born. As in: feeding on demand. And often. Uh... don't even get me started on portion control. How much do I hate THAT? As it happens, I have a large appetitite and have no problem whatsoever in making sure my plate is totally clean. Those starving children in China while I was growing up?? They'd definitely be envious of me. So anyway...

For the sake of the new diet, whereas I'd NORMALLY order: a muffin for an appetizer, two eggs, dry toast for the jam, grits, sausage, and a single blueberry pancake... INSTEAD... today I had to go with something I've never ever had before. EGG BEATERS!! Oh man... I can't even beLIEVE it. SO not like me. And, just so my poor plate wouldn't look so damn empty, I also had to order some grits and two slices of dry whole wheat toast. No jam on it, either! Talk about A WASTE OF A MEAL. But, yes... I survived. I wasn't happy about it, mind you, but I survived.

Not only THAT... whereas my usual bill goes into the double digits given my love of tasting lots of things, today my bill was maybe like: $8!!! WHAT??? Are you kidding me?? When's the last time THAT'S ever happened?

So basically, as I see it, not only will I become healthier, but apparently so too, will my finances. Reason enough you'd think to be thrilled about my new approach to food. But... uh... frankly, I'm not. Probably won't ever be, either.