Saturday, March 30, 2013


I was so hoping I would be able to forgo my even bringing this to anyone's attention, but I can't help it. It's just way too extraordinary a tidbit for me to pass on it.

What is it I'm talking about?? Get this... John Hamm, the guy from MAD MEN is driving everyone on the set CRAZY with his uh... his umm... well, his package to be exact. Apparently it's way too distracting thus they've gently asked him to please consider wearing underwear and there is now a whole big hoopla going on about it. ME?? OH PLEASE. You just KNOW that given that sort of info, I would SO mandate that he absolutely NEVER wear undies. 

Which apparently he rarely does. Uh... take a gander at that photo up above. THE WORLD HAS GONE CRAZY OVER THIS SHOT. Actually, me too. Now THAT'S a guy I could easily learn to love. Maybe. BTW... this is just how the press printed this picture for all the world to see. As in: just in case you missed it, they needed to zoom in. Which I must say, completely makes me roar with laughter. Kinda makes you think... is NOTHING private anymore? Uh... thankfully, not. 

I know... I know. I am way too overboard with this picture and with the entire topic altogether but as I said... I just can't help it. By the way... this picture was taken while John out on the streets with his girlfriend, who I so have to imagine is smiling up a storm each evening. Just saying.  

On the other hand, maybe she'd be happier with Jonah Falcon. Although if so then she'd sorta be bordering on the unacceptable. Turns out Jonah has a distinction of sorts. HE is known for presently having the... oh shall we say... the grandest package currently walking the planet?? So grand in fact that it's way not even sexy if you ask me. John however... major sexy. Oh yeah... in case you missed Jonah... here's a kinda shot of HIS claim to fame.

Whoa. Talk about freaky. SUGGESTION TO JONAH: Do away with the spandex, please.

All I can say is that it's too bad my mother isn't alive anymore. I'd LOVE to show her these two pictures. She'd laugh right out loud. Which brings me to why I'm posting them here in the first place. If I can't show my mother, then at least I can show YOU. In fact, what I'd REALLY love to do is show an idiot guy I once dated... then he'd know for sure why I had to give him the heave ho. He was neither a shower nor a grower. Thus... his being in the least bit sexy wasn't even up for consideration. But yeah... I know. That would be cruel. Why damage the guy for life.   

So for all you MAD MEN junkies out there... just know that indeed John's got the junk, alright. Which only points to: No wonder the ratings are so high.    

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