Friday, March 1, 2013


Now THAT'S the $64,000 question given I have no clue whether or not Amber actually got my pretty important fax about my medical insurance... and I'm so dying to know the answer. I'm going to have to wait until tomorrow I guess, but man... what an ordeal I went through to get it to her. Don't ask.

It went down like this: I spoke with Amber yesterday and she walked me through exactly how to fill out the information on my policy renewal which will be in effect for a mere month. I'm telling you... no wonder I love her so much. Anyway, when we got it all completed, I told Amber I'd fax the papers to her and bingo. We hung up the phone. Then today... I got home about four and figured I better get this fax sent out immediately. Which I began to do.

I dialed the number, pressed the start button and things seemed to work perfectly fine until boom. The other shared line on the phone began ringing (it was Claudia) and all of a sudden DEAD. The fax machine just plain died. Forever. Never to work again. No more continuation of the fax going through. No more phone line connection. No more display on the baby sized screen. NO MORE NOTHING. Even though I never even answered the other line when I saw Claudia calling! 

Which then meant... WTF HAPPENED??? Claudia broke my fax machine?? She now owes me one?? Which btw, I'll get to in a minute. All I do know is all of a sudden I now needed to get on my hands and knees, checking all sorts of connections trying like hell to get the fax machine to please come back to life. But forget it. Wasn't going to happen. Nothing was going to work. Apparently ever again. Granted, the machine IS about 8 years old I guess, but still. Before Claudia calls: the fax is going through perfectly fine. After Claudia calls: the fax is broken forever.  

Thus it took me all of fifteen minutes to decide this fax bit is a done deal. I now need to get a new one, like it or not. So... okay. I make peace with that and grabbed my purse and coat and $300 cash since I had no clue how much a new one would even cost and boom. I headed out the door to Staples. I walked in, asked for the Master of All Things Fax and began telling the master guy of my woes.

Apparently just as with light bulbs and everything else techie one minute it works and the next minute it doesn't. Kinda like: Sorry, lady... sh*t happens. So then of course we walked straight to the Facsimile Aisle. I described the kind I wanted: EASY to operate, not a big business machine type deal, and with as few features as possible to screw me up altogether. Enter: BROTHER PERSONAL PLAIN PAPER FAX MACHINE. I totally loved it. There it is up in the picture. And get this: it was HALF the size of my original one with a cost of only $69.00! Just absolutely perfect for all my needs. Oh yeah... I did cheap out however and declined the extended warranty for a measly $14.00 but whatever.

Before you could count 1-2-3 I was out the door, driving back home when who should call on my cell phone but Claudia. HI, HOW ARE YOU she says. PISSED I tell her. And then, I naturally go right smack into my story of her breaking my machine. And, how I think she should pay for my new one. Even recalling the conversation as we speak, makes me laugh right out loud. Kinda like she did when I told her to ante up. As I said earlier... my theory was: Hey... it worked fine before you called. It died immediately DURING your call. So YOU do the math.

Obviously she didn't buy into my theory, damnit, but I did tell her that tomorrow she has to high tail it over here so she can read the instructions about advanced settings out loud to me while I carry them out. It's like a two person process, I decided. THAT she agreed to do, thank God.

Okay. So I got home, set up the machine enough to fax the papers to Amber BUT one slight glitch. I never got a verification print out sheet when the task was completed. Which is why I now wonder: DID Amber get the fax or did she NOT?? Oh man... talk about my head being ready to explode! That's the bad news. The GOOD news however is:

When I went to pay for this whole deal I suddenly remembered: WAIT. I HAVE STAPLES GIFT CARDS IN MY WALLET!!! IT COST ME ALMOST NOTHING TO PAY FOR THIS NEW MACHINE!! YIPPEE!! On the other hand, don't tell that to Claudia. I'm still going to try to get her ante up. But yeah... I know, I know; she'll never fall for it. Afterall, she DOES have a brain. Damnit. 

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