Thursday, February 28, 2013


First of all, given the right situation, I cry easily. Secondly, I eat on demand. Third of all, I love to nap. And fourth of all.. most importantly... I normally like to go to bed on a somewhat full stomach. Kinda like a baby.

Enter: Popcorn. Man, I've got such an addiction going on here, it's crazy. Just the other day I was telling Janet, who btw I've known since ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!! that I love going to the movies. But even MORE, I love popcorn. How ANYone could enter the theater withOUT first buying a bag popcorn is beyond me. Turns out Janet loves popcorn, too.

Oh yeah... point of information: I hooked up with Janet a couple of years ago on Facebook and its' been totally great being in touch with her again. She was a knockout in high school and is a knock out to this day. Long blond hair, fantastic figure, bright and funny and absolutely loves her dog. Or dogs. I can't remember which. Besides, I just got email from her today saying she loved my plaid slacks. So definite bonus points for THAT Janet! Anyway...

I developed a horrible habit about nine months ago, I guess. Get this. It all began one night, when I was looking for a low cal snack to eat before I called it a day. I searched all through my pantry and bingo. I found SMART BALANCE LIGHT BUTTERED POPCORN. I compared labels pretty carefully when I was buying it and decided this brand had the least carbs, etc. Anyway, it turned out to be a perfect fit for my late night feeding needs that fateful night all those months ago. I popped the bag into the microwave... no pun intended... and in exactly one minute and 43 seconds boom. I had an excellent food choice to gobble down as I watched the 11:00 news.

So excellent in fact that it's like NOW I can't even THINK of watching the news without first having my popcorn! I'M SO ADDICTED IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY. I can't even believe what's happened to me. Man... just one night and all of a sudden whammo. It turned into an alltime mandatory munchie in mere seconds. WTF?? In fact, it's now gotten to the point where having popcorn in my pantry is all of a sudden as important as having staples like toilet paper, Diet Coke and bags of salad in the house. It's crazy!

Granted, I have an addictive personality, so I guess it was kinda easy to get into this crappy habit. But still and all, it's a habit I have no clue whether or not I can even break. Which is why I should be ever so thankful I never tried coke. And I'm not talking Diet Coke, either. That I'm ALREADY addicted to... WAY before the new popcorn bit kicked in. Trust me; had I ever put my nose to the line, I could have SO been the target audience for many a dealer.

Which I guess is good news that it's popcorn that's now my go to snack. Of course that doesn't necessarily rule out my mandatory edict whereby I begin each day with a sugar free cookie and go to bed with one, also. THAT I've done for years. I just need a couple of bites of something a little bit sweet and yippee. I begin and end each day perfectly happy. Unless of course I'm just too full from popcorn.

Oh yeah... and get this. I'd have to imagine a bag of this microwave popcorn is supposed to feed at least two people, if not more. Keyword: supposed. For me?? You can SO  be sure I down a full bag but easily. In fact, one day the store only had MINI BAGS... four baby bags to a box... and I figured OK, I'll fall for it. I'll eat the mini bag. Big mistake. How long you think it took before I told Bonnie...  Eeeks. I want the box with big bags ONLY!

Basically, I'm thinking the Mini Bags were probably for individuals alright. But in my book... individuals who were probably like five years old. Which only points to the fact that indeed, I'm a major baby. A baby wants a full bottle before hitting the sack. But me? I want a full bag of popcorn. And then of course I want to climb into bed and actually SLEEP... like what else... A BABY!

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  1. I am also addicted to microwavable popcorn but recently have been making my own! You should google how to make your own microwavable popcorn I highly recommend it!


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