Saturday, February 16, 2013


I love proverbs. I always have. Some of them are just so potent and so very true and even better, so many times there is simply no way for me to express my feelings better than with the use of a proverb.

TOO LITTLE TOO LATE is one that I love for it says just what I mean and it means just what I'm saying. Kinda like: Nice try but it ain't going to cut the mustard, you flaming a**hole. That said... my very FAVORITE proverb and the first one I've ever taught my kid is: GOOD THAT COMES TOO LATE IS LIKE NO GOOD AT ALL. It conjures up an image in my head that basically says: F YOU and your flimsy lame excuses. Which as you might imagine is a simply PERFECT way for me to express myself to anyone who deserves it.

For my purposes here, however... I'm sticking with the too little too late bit. Because that is EXACTLY what I thought the minute I saw that tonight... FINALLY... here in mid February... we got our very first snow fall!!! There's a pict of it, up above. February?? First snow?? Are you kidding me?? Plus... that was it?? Like an inch maybe?? It's over? In half an hour? Oh man... this is SO not a real snowfall, if you ask me. It's more like a baby pretend tease. Besides, according to the Poor Farmer's Almanac, it was supposed to be a mean winter here this year. As it turns out however... a beautiful, perfectly mild, easy to do winter ever since December 1st.  

True, I shouldn't be bitching cause a couple years ago we had so much snow that I swear... I felt like I lived in New Jersey! Seriously... there was snow piled up on the curbsides on every street in the city for MONTHS. And I didn't even have my generator then, either. Nor James, my alltime favorite snowplow guy who replaced Jimmy. Granted... Jimmy indeed plowed my driveway well enough, but was also kind of an idiot. But whatever.

The good news is: Yippee. I have now have beautiful snow all over my lawn and deck. And, the flakes were fat and stunning as they fell. The bad news however is: now that I've complained about all this... watch. God is going to punish me with like 6 or more inches of snow sometime between now and the beginning of April. EEEKS. THAT amount screws up my getting out of the house altogether. At least with just an inch of snow I can still drive and go play with friends, dine out somewhere or shop or do whatever the heck I'd like.

Which now merely begs the question of a totally DIFFerent proverb: BE CARE WHAT YOU WISH FOR. I could SO be headed for trouble.  

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