Thursday, February 14, 2013


Ahhh... the holiday of love. Totally up my alley, right? And happily, I must say that I enjoyed several special holiday messages from several special people. One of my favorites is here in this picture. Did you ever SEE such a beautiful array of colors??

As it happens these 2 dozen roses were waiting for me when I pulled up into my driveway yesterday. Talk about a great surprise. Even better... while there are a few folks from whom I could have imagined these would have been sent, come to find out... THEY WERE SENT BY MY KID. Oh man... does HE ever know how to wrap me right smack around his finger. Seriously... what Mother wouldn't smile when she saw such a bouquet? And then wouldn't want to give her kid anything he ever desired. Mission accomplished on that front, by the way.

In the meantime, I enjoyed a lovely Valentine's Day lunch and then realized oops. I totally forgot to wear even a hint of red or pink today. Which everyone else at the restaurant did. But okay. So I'll have to remember green for St. Patty's Day or something. I did however come home and enjoy a simply wonderful treat.

Sitting down?? TWO OF MY ALLTIME FAVORITE VARIETY OF GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!! Oh man... now THAT is something I love, alright. I wouldn't dream of eating any other kind but the CARAMEL DELIGHTS. Which used to be called SAMOAS, btw. Nice try on the switch up but trust me... I don't fool easily. Man I love this time of year. I was even given two boxes of Thin Mints the other night, which if ever pressed, could possibly win my Number Two slot.

In the meantime, I'm all about lace, flowers, hearts, chocolates, and romantic cards. Apparently so is everyone else on the planet. Seriously... you have any idea how much money this holiday brings in?? Think: zillions and zillions. And then think more zillions. Boom. You have your final total. I'd almost have to say Valentine's Day could easily go head to head with Christmas. Which is also an excellent holiday now that I think about it. Holidays with presents?? You can SO count me in.

All in all however, I'd have to say my REAL favorite gift giving holiday is by far: MY VERY OWN BIRTHDAY. Which as I like to remind everyone is but a few months away. I even love the date upon which I was born. Even more, I love the fact I am a Taurus. Definitely a fantastic sign and it pretty much describes me to a T. And while Valentine's Day is all about the color red... on my birthday? I almost always wear white. Simply my alltime favorite color.

But for now... while I'm awaiting the big event in May, let me just say to all the lovers and dreamers out there in the land of love... I hope you too had a wonderful holiday today. I hope you love someone dearly and that someone dear loves you in return. 

And as for anyone who came home today saying... OH.. I'M REALLY SORRY. I  MEANT TO BUY YOU SOMETHING BUT I JUST DIDN'T HAVE THE TIME: Uh... you're SO a major loser.

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