Wednesday, February 13, 2013


See this picture?? Don't ask.

As I've written before, I am totally psyched that beginning 5/1 I'll be a full fledged Medicare recipient, able to FINALLY kiss my $1700+ monthly insurance payments goodbye forever. Man... it'll almost be like I'm getting a brand new baby paycheck each month, especially when you factor in my measly stupid little Social Security payment. Hallef'inglujah! I'm thinking the total of the two will at least cover the costs for all my house help each week and some of my many tabs from dining out. Two things which actually hold the highest priority in my life. Well, that and STILL putting my kid through school. But whatever. All I know is that I am now for sure... officially a senior citizen. EEEKS.

That's the good news about Medicare. The bad news is OMG you should so see the crazy ass stack of Medicare information that has piled up since I met with Amber the two weeks ago. IT'S NUTS. Even if I WANTED to read all the crap, I wouldn't know where to begin. Plus, I'm thinking this stuff is kinda IMPORTANT to read but too bad. I won't. I'm serious. I figure now that I've got the Supplemental Plans in place... thanks to my hero, Amber... who needs to now be bogged down with all the minutia of details? So not my style. I'd have to shoot myself before I settled down with all this reading material.

Which only points to my self diagnosis of MENTAL BLOCKS. I have several, actually. Case in point... anything to do with numbers and/or money. I hate dealing with all that. As in: tax preparations for example. ME??? DOING MY OWN PREP WORK?? So not going to happen. No wonder. I have a true and serious mental block about it! 

So much so that even when I play Canasta each week, I NEVER tally up all my points! I'm telling you... so many points for this, so many points for that, so many points for each Canasta and on and on it goes. Hell... I'd be just as happy never tallying ANY points. Just play for the fun of it all, if you ask me. Thus this is a job I hand right smack over to my partner. Making bank deposits on the other hand?? Definitely up my alley.

In the meantime, another thing about which I have a mental block is: important documents with zillions of written details. Like my Will and/or Trust for instance. I would NEVER sit down and read that. My take is: HEY. THAT'S WHAT I HIRED THE ATTORNEY FOR! Let HIM read that crap. Besides, he WROTE it. When we did go over the finished papers, you can so be sure I had him read it TO me as I followed along. And basically, I've never picked up the document ever since. 

Kinda like this Medicare bit. I am DEFINITELY having Amber gloss over all this mail, the pamphlets, etc. with me, after which you can be sure I'm basically planning on tossing most of it out. Who the hell can even house all these papers?? Yes, I have my home purchase papers, my car title papers, important medical and/or hospital papers and all my banking statements. Other than those, do you REALLY need anything else? I know.... I know. I'm totally lazy. But I sorta like it that way. 

Oh yeah... good luck to my son btw whenever he has to settle my estate or something and goes looking for all my papers. Which is where my assistant Bonnie comes in, actually. I've told her a million times... if I kick the bucket YOU tell my kid where everything is stored. Besides, she'll know in a heartbeat given she's the one who's filed it away for me in the first place. Thank God for small favors.

All I know for now is that I'm almost afraid each day to go to my mailbox. If any MORE mail arrives regarding Medicare I'll totally freak. If however any checks for deposit should arrive... boom. All of a sudden I'm not only reading it but will turn into a numbers kind of girl... uh... 1-2-3.

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