Wednesday, February 27, 2013


See this picture?? I so love it. Well, actually it's not the picture I love so much but rather it's the PANTS. No wonder I love them. I MADE THEM.

Yeah, yeah. I know. Plaid pants aren't real hot on the runways at the moment but who cares. I still love these. I'm just kinda crossing my fingers that I'm not too OLD to wear plaid. But whatever. In fact, I NEVER wear printed slacks. Always solid and if I wear print, it's always in my top. This time however I switched it out and I must say... I seem pretty okay with it.  

In the meantime, I had this fabric and decided a couple weeks ago that I was in the mood to see how this print would sew up. Oh yeah... get a load of all the lines and/or seams... notice anything?? THEY ALL MATCH. PERFECTLY, I MIGHT ADD. Just like The House of Chanel, right? Man, would my mother ever be thrilled to see this. Anyway, what I love even more is get this... I DIDN'T EVEN USE A PATTERN! That's right... I bet even Calvin Klein can't say that.

Instead what I did was grab a pair of slacks from my closet... a pair whose fit I adored... and bingo. Used THOSE as my kinda pattern. You know... the ole trick of taking one pant leg and putting it inside the other pant leg and then bingo... you lay it out and there's your pattern all ready to go! My take was: Geez. If little 12 year old girls in Indonesia can do this, then so can I. Oh yeah... if you think laying out the pretend pattern was easy so that the stripes would all match up... think again. Granted it wasn't all THAT hard, but the fact everything came together just as I wanted was happily shocking for me. I love when my plans actually work out.

In the meantime, I've worn these slacks twice already I think, and each time I've been happy as a lark. Talk about easy! Talk about comfy! Talk about fast! I mean seriously... I sewed the seams together, added an elastic waistband (but of course), did the hem and next thing you know... I'm dressed for the day. Add a heavy pashmina and boom. I'm ready to go almost anywhere.

As we speak, I have fabric laying on my dining room table waiting for me to cut out my next pair of pants... well, actually leggings if you want to get technical. Once again, I'll go to my closet, find a favorite of the 20 pairs of leggings I have and within an hour and a half I'll have yet ANOTHER pair of pants. Also printed, I might add. But that's a totally different look. Whatever.

BTW... about two months ago I bought a stunning eggplant colored tunic that I love but didn't have the right colored slacks for them. So guess what... I was at the fabric store and lo and behold what do I find?? COLORED FABRIC IN THE EXACT SAME EGGPLANT COLOR!! I was absolutely tickled pink, no pun intended. Boom. Made THOSE pants in no time and now I have a beautiful monochromatic outfit that is simply great, if you ask me. And once again, absolutely totally comfy!

Which IS my watchword when it comes to clothing. And/or shoes.  

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