Thursday, February 14, 2013


Welcome. Well, okay, I'm not at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting or anything, but still. I was totally thrilled yesterday, when I got email from Monika saying that thanks to Laura, she was now my newest follower of this blog. Boy... is SHE ever in for a treat. Besides, what could be bad... just look at how gorgeous Monika is, there in the pict.

I basically met Monika what? 8 years ago maybe? I can't even remember. I met her when she married my nephew, Jeffrey and trust me... ever since then he's been in 7th heaven. Kinda like the rest of the family now that I think of it. Never once have I ever heard an unkind word spoken about Monika from ANYone. Not that my hearing is all that good nowadays, but you get the drift.  

Unfortunately, I don't get to see Monika any too often given she's in South Florida and I'm up here. I'd say maybe the last time she and Jeff and Olivia were here was maybe a year ago?? Believe me... I get all abuzz when I'm told they are heading up this way. Yeah... I know I may not be first on their A List of People to See... but it doesn't matter. I still love every minute I get to spend with them.

I also love every minute I get to spend with Laura as well. Which I'm happy to say I did just last month when I was in Ft. Lauderdale for a couple of days. If you remember correctly, SHE was the one who introduced me to Randy... uh... the psychic. I know. I know. I'm not SUPPOSED to believe every word Randy says, but too bad. I love the info she offers up, regardless.

In the meantime, I've known and loved Laura for almost 47 years. Both she and Monika are just the sort of women who make your day happy as hell. Very girlie, very hip, very funny, very happy, very grounded, always smiling and most importantly... very loving. SO up my alley. I do have to say btw, that while I'm indeed way over Facebook... I'm sick of the posts completely about dogs, politics, freebies, etc... I do love seeing all the picts and info about these two women. THEY know what Facebook is SUPPOSED to be about. As in: giving me a frequent heads' up as to what's doing in their lives and naturally, the pictures to prove it. Unlike me of course, who merely posts crapola every once in a while, about whatever I may be thinking at the moment. Plus... from what I can gather on Facebook, both Monika and Laura are apparently wild about the men in their lives and trust me... I am heavy into that.

So on this Valentine's Day I do have send my love to both Laura and Monika. Not only are they excellent women to adore but best of all... they are apparently mighty astute. They'd have to be. THEY FOLLOW MY BLOG!     

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