Sunday, February 17, 2013


I am so telling you... last night I was in sheer HEAVEN as I watched SNL. I had to be. ALABAMA SHAKES PERFORMED! And they were nothing short of astounding. You've heard of this band?? If so then you know what I'm talking about. If not, then you're mighty welcome for my introducing you to them right here and now. They win didn't a Grammy this year, damnit... but man they should have. On the other hand, I can't be too upset given my other favorite... FUN... did. If you remember correctly, I gave you all links to two of their best songs which are simply fannnnn-tastic.

So today I'm now offering up two more links... from last night's show. You will flip. Too bad you couldn't see the ACTUAL performance for the replay loses alot of it's umph, but regardless... you'll get the message. Plus, you can always go to YouTube to see the uncensored version and better sound clarity. The top video is the first song they sang and the bottom one is the second. Which was better?? It's impossible to tell... choosing your favorite kid would be easier, if you ask me. And oh yeah... in case you didn't know... parents DO have favorites, regardless of what they tell you. Putting that aside, however...

Check this outAnd then you too will agree: Now THIS woman knows how to rock. And definitely knows how to play the guitar! In fact all the musicians do. But Brittany seems to be especially one on one with hers and all I know is that the next time I toke... I SO have to listen to this band but good. My musical delights will surely explode. Just wait til you hear the second song... OMG. So knocks my socks off in that one. Man I could watch them playing it over and over and NEVER tire of it. 

It's kinda funny because I used to have a friend who adored the guitar and until they REALLY turned me on to it, my alltime favorite rock instrument was the piano. The drums were a very very close second. Yeah, yeah. I know. Pianos weren't necessarily made for rock but go tell that to Elton John. NO one plays a piano like he does. Anyway... when you see Alabama Shakes play THEIR guitars, man oh man will you ever be thrilled. Plus, the rhythm in the two songs I gave you up above is simply stupendous.

What is really freaky to me is that as I approach 65, I basically have no clue who is who in the rock world nor who sings what songs. I hear names bantered around all the time, but I have no idea what they look like or what they sing. I did however, pick up on Pink's GET THE PARTY STARTED lickety split as well as Kelis' MILKSHAKE. Whoa. If only my Mother were alive to hear some of these tunes... she'd so think the world's gone nuts. Which it basically has, but why get bogged down with details.

In the meantime, try to get into Alabama Shakes. There is no way you can regret it. They have become major famous and have played great venues and my take is: you ain't seen NOTHING yet. Granted... I may be late to their party, but late is better than never. Will they thrill me like Mick Jagger singing START ME UP? Definitely. As much as Rob Thomas though and BRIGHT LIGHTS or BACK TO GOOD?? Uh... only maybe. But who can blame me? It'd be like having to choose your favorite kid. 

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