Thursday, March 28, 2013


I am totally in love with my latest purchase. The minute I saw it on Home Shopping Network I knew I would love it and sure enough... it's even better than I thought it would be.

I absolutely hate advertisements while watching TV so I basically never watch them. Instead, whenever one comes on air, I always flip the channel over to either QVC or HSN. Kinda like: why NOT treat yourself to something great during a commercial break? It can totally enhance your viewing pleasure if you ask me. So a couple weeks ago, a commercial came on thus bingo. I switched on over to HSN. And what do I see but the full length mirror in the picture up above. Except guess what. Turns out... IT'S WAY MORE THAN A MIRROR. Which you can see in the picture right below here. You so won't believe it.

Isn't this outrageous? It's like the best present EVER. The entire deal is like a God send considering NOW I finally no longer have to keep my everyday/night jewelry in 15 different places. IT'S ALL RIGHT SMACK THERE by merely opening the mirror! So ingenious if you ask me. Better yet... so CONVENIENT. It's like killing three birds with one stone, actually. 1.) You get your full length mirror. 2.) You have most of your jewels in one place and 3.) You have a smaller mirror inside so you can actually see what the jewels will look like on you before you make your final decision. Oh man... this is so up my alley.

I hung this bit on the wall in like two seconds flat earlier this morning and then told Claudia to high tail over here to check it out. Major success. In fact, we met Barbara for lunch afterwards and she too high tailed over here only to wind up buying one herSELF once she got home. I am just so in love this that it's unbelievable.

As you can see I have plenty of jewelry from which to choose each day. And... I do wear each and every piece. Even the pieces I totally forgot I even HAD til I placed everything inside this fantastic invention. I think my alltime favorite area of this elongated jewelry box is the area that holds about 60 rings. How did they KNOW I needed so much space for all of them? Plus, it holds 50 pairs of earrings. And... many of my necklaces, watches, bracelets, etc. How much do I love THAT?

Oh yeah... according to the experts... there is yet another benefit. Supposedly the thieves who come to rob me aren't going to realize my jewels are even hidden in this mirror! But trust me... I am SO not counting on that. For if they DO realize it... boom. I'm totally screwed. MAN WOULD THEY EVER STRIKE GOLD. Literally, I might add. But whatever. I'll just keep my fingers crossed that my home security system will keep undesirables out of my house altogether.

In the meantime I highly recommend that all you ladies out there go and order this immediately. The frame color comes in several choices although I do have to say according to the Linda School of Interior Design... MY color choice is by far the best. And now that I think of it... there is one feature that was never mentioned, which is probably the best one yet. Once you get all your jewels all lined up in this mirror... you can't HELP but realize:

OMG. The last thing I'll ever need ever again is... TO BUY MORE JEWELRY! Well, unless of course the piece is just so fantastic you simply can't live without it. 

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