Saturday, March 2, 2013


I have admit right from the start I know basically nothing about Catholicism, Cardinals, and probably even the Pope. Well other than what I read or see on the news. However what I DO know is that I'm pretty impressed with what I just learned earlier this week. That being: THE POPE WEARS PRADA.

How fantastic is THAT? Seriously... those red leather shoes you see on him?? Boom. Hand made for him by Prada itself. In fact, I would kill to know how much he has to ante up for those shoes. Can you imagine?? I'm going with: easily $350.00. Probably $500.00 though. Plus... I can't help but think: add a huge amount of red sea beads or sequins to them and the Pope could EASILY rival Dorothy's ruby red slippers. Talk about a fashion war.

In the meantime I also have to admit I am wrestling with exactly what IS the hard core real reason the Pope is resigning? I mean it... Granted, he's old and not in the best of health maybe, but they're ALL old when they reach the end of their natural papacy. I even studied Benedict XVI really closely when he delivered his last speech yesterday and if you ask me... which of course no one has... he doesn't look all THAT incapable of continuing his duties. Besides, I thought it was sorta inherent that the Pope stick to being the leader of all Catholics until God actually takes him back into the heavenly Kingdom. But whatever. 

I still don't peg his health being all that much of a problem. Especially since he's got what? A zillion aides right smack by his side every minute of the day? What I DO peg the Pope for... I know, get ready for blasphemy here... is that: I truly believe his resignation is way more about the sexual abuse issues going on in the Catholic Church than any health reason. True, I may be reaching a bit here but I can't help it. I just find things so damn fishy. And... as for the sexual abuse deal... don't even get me started.

Basically, I am stunned there even IS a Catholic following at this point altogether. For years it has struck me as totally weird that my Catholic friends are so f'ing forgiving and/or naive about what the priests have been doing in terms of sexual abuse and/or pleasure. AND what really gets my goat is how the church is SO anti gay when in fact you don't have to be a rocket scientist to KNOW half of the leaders have been personally involved in SOME sort of homosexual activity themselves. Yeah, I know... I'll be sent straight to hell for such a conviction but too bad.  

Naturally I have no PROOF of these numbers but hell... the cover up goes way way deep if you ask me. It's not that I give a damn whether or not Catholic leaders may or not be gay but rather... don't then turn around and call your parishioners sinners should they too be gay. The height of hypocrisy if ever there was.

On the other hand, just for these reasons, I am not surprised in the LEAST that the Pope is heavy into red Prada. Got knows I AM. Actually I almost feel kinda badly he has to give up his shoes but not ALL that badly. Because indeed, the Pope will continue to wear Prada alright. Not red, mind you, but supposedly Prada nevertheless. Well that plus a pair of brown leather loafers given to him while he was in Mexico.

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