Friday, March 15, 2013


Are you kidding me?? This is a postcard I received a few weeks ago. Notice anything weird about it?? Well, other than the part where I smeared up my address all to hell. 

Uh... want to know who sent me this card?

Well, SO DO I!! What the hell is THIS all about anyway?? I get a postcard, addressed to me, stamped, mailed, postmarked and yet... absolutely NO MESSAGE WRITTEN ON IT WHATSOEVER. Forget about the niceties that could have been written to me.. what about WHO THE F SENT IT?? Can you even believe it??? Oh man.. talk about someone wanting me to fade into the background but good.

The front of the postcard had a lovely picture of beach, ocean, waves and sand. Obviously someone was on vacation. Or... they might even live there for all I know. On the other hand, I know of NO one who lives in St. Simons Georgia and I certainly can't tell you who has been visiting there recently. To say I was totally stymied when I grabbed this from my mailbox is an understatement. I can't rule out the fact either, that the person just might want me to walk into the ocean and simply drown myself altogether. Kinda like: A suggestion?? A death threat?? EEKS.

I do know this: The next time someone invites me to their beach house I'm SO going to think twice about accepting. No sense my going on vacation under false pretenses, if you catch my drift. In which case...

If you see no postings here for a few months, consider me gone. And then... please call the police. Since I'm pretty sure I won't be sending any postcards.  

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