Thursday, March 7, 2013


I love weddings. I love wedding gowns. And I particularly love watching the bride come down the aisle, sparkling in her moment of a lifetime. Oh man... what an emotional sight. Which course is when I ALways begin to tear up. Brides are just so beautiful, it simply takes my breath away. Regardless of how much you may or may not even like the bitch. In which case... if you do not... then don't even waste your time going in the first place.

But I must say that to me... it's absolutely THE one day when it IS, whether or not the bride and groom ever call it quits later on down the road, the happiest day in the bride's life. If she isn't totally BEAMing when she comes down the aisle, then she basically has no business whatsoever marrying the guy at all. That said... EVERY girl dreams of a wonderful husband, and a beautiful wedding and certainly... an absolutely knockout dress.

I'm not saying the wedding has to even be a fancy schmancy one either, although trust me... in my book... fancy and festive is WAY better. But whatever. No matter what the dress or the formality of the affair, every bride wants her wedding dress to be nothing short of a stunner on that day. It could be a simple suit or it could be a jaw dropper... doesn't matter. Major thought goes into the selection, regardless.

And to me??? See that wedding dress up there?? To me... AN ABSOLUTE JAW DROPPER. PERIOD. I find it sooo beautiful, I can't even stand it. The lines are just so classic. So styled. So alluring. So simple. So breathtaking. So feminine. So I WISHED IT WERE MY WEDDING DRESS! I came across it earlier online today and was floored. Can you blame me? Oh man... I so love this wedding gown. 

SIDE NOTE: As it happens btw, this is the exact neckline I wore as Matron of Honor in my sister's wedding who btw... to this day... claims I stole a bit of thunder by appearing "prettier than the bride" so to speak. Although, it's a total lie, since Claudia really was simply gorgeous on her wedding day. I even wore my hair kinda like this model, back in those days. On the other hand, I DID look outstanding but that doesn't even matter. Instead...

The designer of this dress up above is Jesus Perio and according to the Linda School of Bridal Design, he deserves the alltime best award of sheer distinction. Just LOOK at that softly ruffled neck!! More importantly, get a load of that amazing, glorious FABRIC! Not to mention the drape of the fabric. Or the neckline itself. My alltime FAVORITE neckline, in fact. Just so sexy yet so understated. In fact, shoulders are one feature that I find so very sexy, appealing and youthful, no matter what a woman's age. Unless of course you're a chubbette with fat, fleshy upper arms which then means you have to go for the straight across, off both shoulders look, instead. 

Then again... if the entire design of the rest of the dress totally sucks, then this and/or any neckline will blow the entire look altogether. Anyway, if you're into wedding gowns and want to to see others from Jesus... then please click on this link. They are to die for. Seriously... I could gaze at wedding gowns all day long, imagining a wonderful bride coming down the aisle with hopes of a love that lasts forever, smiling like there's no tomorrow at her nervous groom, and just radiating complete happiness on her special day. 

And, oh yeah. When I DO go to such weddings, where as I said, I always cry... I am not into bringing mere Kleenex in my purse, either. Instead, I am way more into bringing a lovely white handkerchief for those emotional tears. Afterall, NO ceremony is ever as beautiful as a wedding. Thus, by having a special my own small way... boom. I am involved in tears of celebration, joy and delight. Well, until that is, I get to the reception where I then get to lay odds on whether or not the marriage will actually last.  

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