Saturday, December 1, 2012


According to the Linda School of Meteorology, WINTER IS HERE. Forget that it officially begins on 12/21. As far as I'm concerned, it's here and it's staying here.

AND, I'm celebrating its arrival by going shopping today with a bunch of friends at the BIG mall. In the BIG city. Which is the closest I can possibly get to feel like I'm shopping in Manhattan. It's a poor excuse, true; but trust me... I am sure I'll find plenty of potential purchases that will make make me as happy as a little lark. Maybe I'll find yet ANOTHER pair of fantastic winter boots or even a cashmere sweater in the department stores. Regardless... what really tells me winter is here, is easy. I have several clues. Case in point:

1.) The leaves are all gone. As in: Fallen. Down. Kaput. And if there ARE any left, they're all brown. Plus, they won't return until late next March which is a major bummer but believe you me... seeing all the coloration of the leaves during autumn almost makes it all worthwhile. Soooo stunning. 

2.) I've bundled up many a day thus far, but have worn my REALLY heavy winter coat but once. That's because of my new discovery... the multi million dollar silk underwear I wear each and every day under my sweaters and/or tops. Man, what a difference it makes. I totally love it. Mainly because it frees me from HAVING to wear the really heavy winter coat. I can now get away with a much lighter one.

3.) I have had the fireplace burning pretty much every night the past month, just to get the house nice and toasty given the COLD temps. I can't tell you how fantastic it is to see the fire burning and it absolutely warms things up in a heartbeat.  

4. I've already attended a couple of parties, to get me in the holiday mood. One was Thursday night and I was tickled pink at the food the caterer served. Whoa, was that ever delicious. And yippee... I've gotten other invitations too, so I'm kinda thinking the food THERE will be just as delicious.

5.) Everyday I leave the house, I always grab my black fur infinity scarf, as I head out the door. I pop that around my neck a couple of times, and I'm SO good to go. I can live with cold hands... I CAN'T live without a warm neck or warm feet. I even sleep with socks every night... I know, pretty sexy, right??... under a new king sized plushie kind of blanket that keeps me soooo warm, it's unbelievable. You feel like you're sleeping under the softest huge stuffed animal fabric ever.

So basically, I'd have to say that yes... winter is here and so far, I'm grooving along with it perfectly well. Granted, I'm told that this is going to be a MEAN winter so right now, when there is no snow holding me hostage in the house and the power is working just fine and the sky is a brilliant blue outside, it's easy to groove. When all that OTHER stuff kicks in, I'll be bitching, plenty, believe me.

Oh yeah... for those of you living in Florida or California... I feel really badly for the scam you guys live with whereby you're told it's the holiday season. I lived with that scam myself for 55 years, knowing full well that if it's Christmas.. then it's supposed to be COLD and/or WHITE. In fact, we had a white Christmas four years ago and let me tell you... there's nothing like it to get you in the holiday mood for sure. But... the holidays in 80 degree weather?? Totally not the way it should be.

So YEA. I welcome winter. Two months from now, however... I could almost bet... I'LL BE ON MY KNEES PRAYING FOR SPRING. Which, btw, is possibly as beautiful as autumn. Or not.

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