Friday, December 21, 2012


I decided I'm really really lucky. I get SUCH nice compliments almost every day that I almost can't believe it. Whether it's just me or it happens to everyone, I don't know... but regardless, I am really so grateful that each day brings me such lovely smiles. I'm so telling you... total and complete strangers have just the nicest things to say to me. And I mean it... EVERY day.

There are one of four things that I can count on each day of my life about which someone always has a kind word to say. It almost always begins with my necklace. Which btw, I wear every day and have for... oh, I don't know... the past five years at least. It's my big gold initial L around which I happened to have added a fabulous gold open cut heart that I got at a totally different time. I just sort of threw the two together and boom. They've been around my neck for years. The necklace measures about 36 inches and IS one of my alltime favorites. 

The second thing about which I am complimented on continuously is my diamond like pinkie ring. I LOVE THIS RING and there has never been a day I've worn it when SOMEone hasn't told me how just how unique and beautiful it is. Some have even gone so far as to ask me where I got it or even questioned it's authenticity. I had a manicure recently where the lady totally went over the top in the gushing department. I almost had to tell her to hold it down, please, since she was carrying on WAY too much. On the other hand, the people are in fact correct... it IS stunning.

The third thing about which I'm complimented on almost daily are my new eyeglasses. Which I've had for a total of only about four months so far, but which apparently are a real hit with the public at large. Not to mention... with ME, too. I fell in love with them the moment I saw them. Which is good since those too, I wear each and every day. 

The funny thing however is that it's soooo interesting to learn which of the four items people will comment on. Some are really into one of the four, but never any more than one at a time. Case in point....

If no one notices any of the aforementioned, then you can almost BET they will say something about how much they like my black fur infinity scarf. Which I love as much as I love the other three items. And which I double wrap around my neck every daytime in winter. It has some slight sparkle in it's fur too, which although hardly noticeable, does in fact add a baby bit of punch. I'm telling you... these are complete strangers giving me all these great compliments.

It's nuts... I could almost start my own sort of Admiration Society if I wanted. Which I don't, I might add. But I just find it so weird that people have such nice things to say to me. Which brings me to the day before yesterday. YOU WILL NEVER BELIEVE THIS ONE.

I had to wait for the lenses in my sunglasses to be fixed, so to kill 20 minutes, I went next door to my favorite sandwich shop and sat down to order a tuna fish sandwich. When I went to pay, the cashier... whom I adore... happened to ask what my Christmas plans were. It took me a minute to work out in my mind just what I was doing on which day so my response was just a bit slow. Which then meant....

OUT OF THE BLUE, the lady behind me... very nice looking woman about my age, I guess.... said to me: IF YOU HAVE NO PLANS, WHY NOT COME FOR CHRISTMAS DINNER AT MY HOUSE. I'M SERVING AN OLD FASHIONED ENGLISH DINNER.... STANDING RIB ROAST WITH YORKSHIRE PUDDING!! Whoa... I WAS SO STUNNED BY THIS VERY KIND INVITATION. Can you friggin' beLIEVE it??? OMG... now THAT'S what I call Christmas spirit! I was seriously flabbergasted.

Turns out she's having 12 people over for dinner and told me she noticed me having lunch because she felt I looked so "well put together", etc. WOW was all I could say. I told her that I thought it was a VERY sweet invitation, but seriously... I DID in fact have plans already and naturally thanked her very much.

Like how often does something like THAT ever happen?? Man... I was this far from blowing off my original plans just so I could taste a fantastic prime rib bone, believe you me! Anyway, add this invitation from a stranger to all the other things that I encounter each day and I'm telling you... I'm totally smiling. And I'm totally blessed.

And I apparently have totally great taste. Or... I simply live in the nicest city on the planet. Take your pick. And oh yeah... let's ALL say nice things to strangers, come 2013. ReGARDless of their accessories. Now... wouldn't THAT be a great resolution for the New Year!

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