Sunday, December 16, 2012


Yesterday I decided to pleasure myself. I know... sounds kinda sexy... but get over it. I'm not talking about what you're imagining. Instead, I'm talking about a decision I made to enjoy myself by going to the big city shopping mall ALONE and spending the day browsing just the stores I wanted, at my own leisurely pace with nary a worry of what others wished. Nor what others needed.. nor what others time schedule might be. It was fantastic.

Basically, I was on a mission. I had a bra to return which as it happens I DID do last weekend. Uh... except one small glitch. I returned the WRONG BRA. What an idiot I am. I had originally bought three, but only wanted to keep two. Therefore, I not only had to return the correct one, but also, buy back the one I returned in the first place. Don't ask.

So the first thing I have to say is: OMG. I WAS IN CULTURE SHOCK. I could not beLIEVE the traffic leading into the mall. IT WAS CRAZY. And... it took me a good ten minutes to even FIND a parking space. Serves me right to begin with however, for even thinking of going into the city so close to Christmas. But... I survived.

Second of all... THE PEOPLE! Whoa. Who ever said there was an economy problem here in the U.S.?? Have they even BEEN to a store recently? I happened to glance into the huge windows of the Old Navy store and there were hordes of people happily in way long lines, willing to wait and wait until they got to a cashier. So much for money woes.

Third of all, I was THRILLED to see on way back to my car, a sign across the street... another mall altogether... that a JO-ANN FABRICS store had opened. Who knew?? I was in my glory. I headed over there, walked in and was surrounded by bolts and bolts of alllll kinds of fabrics! Best of all, thanks to my self pleasuring decision, I could walk around the store, with no need to hurry, eyeing and touching all the fabrics that caught my fancy. It was wonderful. I love the sensuality of feeling the silks, the chiffons and the satins. I also love seeing the glittered, blingy fabrics. By the time I left, I bought a yard and a half of three separate knitted fabrics to make slacks.

Fourth of all, I was then able to head back towards home, stopping first at the Verizon store. Seems as if I needed further instruction on how to upload a video given I was in PENDING mode for over a week. Boom. I met Jonas who told me what my deal was AND he threw in the fact I could call him anytime, night or day. To which you just KNOW I had a comeback. Talk about setting me up for a hilarious reply.

Fifth of all, next I headed over to Moe's Southwestern Grill to retrieve my alltime favorite black fur scarf that they FOUND after all. I was sure it was gone forever. Man... was I ever thrilled. Not enough though, to stay and grab something to eat. THAT I did on my next stop which was SUBWAY. I decided having a turkey sub on whole wheat was better than some sort of burrito with everything known to man layered into it.

I figured I arrived back home maybe five hours later feeling every bit of pleasure for which I had hoped. I meandered anywhere I wanted and did so with having to please only one person... ME. Naturally, somewhere during the evening news, I fell right smack to sleep for at least an hour, but whatever. In fact, I was so alert after my nap that I was up until exactly 2:20 a.m. at which time I fell into a total, complete, happy slumber.

Which was good given today, I was invited to a FANTASTIC Christmas Musical Celebration with dinner to follow. YEA. And tomorrow I'll be with 8 others for a few hours of Canasta. Throw in another four or five more holiday parties on the agenda and boom. I'll be surrounded by all SORTS of people once again. 

So much for going solo in the pleasuring department.

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