Friday, December 14, 2012


I can't even find the words... and nor can you... to imagine what the families of the slain children must be feeling tonight. It's a sheer tragedy and one that will define the parents of these children for the rest of their lives. It's heartbreaking to the core.

I am anti gun. I always have been. I would NEVER have allowed a gun in my home, whether my kids be young OR grown. There is only one purpose for aiming a gun. To kill. And if it's killing you're in to, then for SURE you shouldn't have one. Oh yeah... for those who own a gun for "protection"... here's a heads' up... I can almost promise that you will never be any where near wherever you keep the gun, when the protection is actually needed. You're in the kitchen when you discover you're face to face with danger?? Boom. The gun will be somewhere in the bedroom, with no chance of retrieving it in time. 

If you know anyone who already has a gun, my suggestion is you tell especially them... OKAY. HAVE YOUR DAMN GUN, BUT... DO SOMETHING IMMEDIATELY to help fight gun control as part of countering your ownership. DO ANYTHING, but do something. This country is in desperate need of winning it's fight for gun control laws. When we need to begin protecting our children while in elementary schools, this is a major sign that we are f'ed but good. Let alone protecting yourself and/or your children when off to a shopping mall. Don't ask. I am simply sickened by this entire bulls^%*t.

No words can describe how I feel. Nor is there any possible argument you can offer up to defend the need of a fire arm. We should be ashamed to be a country known for having more guns than any other country, world wide. Thus... what a surprise... our citizens kill more fellow citizens than anywhere on the planet. 

This is nothing short of a shame. A bloody shame. Bless those children in Connecticut. Bless their teachers. Bless their families.

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