Monday, December 24, 2012


For some reason, I can't remember whether or not I have already written about FUN... so I figured now is as good a time as ever. And no, I'm not referring to HAVING fun. Instead, I'm talking about the musical group FUN.

I saw them about a couple of months ago on SNL and flipped out when I saw them sing a song called: SOME NIGHTS. I wished I could tell you what about this tune drew me in so completely, but alas... I can't. For, I just don't know. What I CAN tell you however is... it hit me like a bolt of lightning. The energy, the sound, the lyrics... they all made my ears perk up imMEDiately. Which of course then made me run to YouTube, watch the video and then of course read the lyrics.

After which I had completely forgotten about the song.

Until about an hour ago, that is. I saw an ad for an upcoming show on HBO and bingo. I heard SOME NIGHTS playing in the background. Whammo. In a mere heartbeat... I was drawn in all over again.

What also fascinates me about this song is the supposed controversy as to what the hell the song even means. I've Googled several sites and it seems to boil down into two separate camps: 1.) its an anti- war song or 2.) it's about the inner conflict of a man in love. Even maybe about frustration of the band itself, working so damn hard to bring home the bacon via their music.

I myself am not really sure yet into which camp I may fall. I want to say: indeed... it's anti war... yet something inside strongly calls me over to the idea of a man who has loved and lost. I suspect a good argument can be made for either interpretation. On the other hand, if this IS an anti war song, then I'd be thrilled. Musicians of today SO should be putting their feelings of anti war, anti violence and anti corruption out into the musical world. It was such a potent theme in the 60s and 70s and God knows, if ever we need young voices once again... it's now.

However... being the ever romantic that I am... I really do think this song is probably about a conflicted love. Love is strong. It can be hard to address. It can hit you like an emotional bomb and even leave you totally shattered. Yet through it all, nothing on this planet can possibly ever be more treasured than the feeling of genuinely loving someone down to the very soul of your being.

In the meantime... you decide for yourself. Here's a link to the lyrics and see what YOU think. Or I guess, you can decide whether or not the song even speaks to you. 

Either way... then go and figure out some way to simply HAVE FUN tonight! God knows I am!

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