Friday, December 28, 2012


This is the second week in a row that I have no clue whatsoever what the F day it is. I'm serious. I've lived four Sundays already this week. Absolutely no day has yet felt like the correct day. I'm like coming home on Tuesday nights thinking maybe I'll turn on SNL or something. Man, am I ever in trouble.

Plus, if I've asked people once, I've asked them 19 times... WAIT. WHAT DAY IS IT TODAY, ANYWAY? I'm usually off only by a couple. If I'm lucky, that is. I'm telling you... this bit with holidays on weekdays throw me off TOTALLY.

Celebrating all this holiday cheer on crazy ass days other than weekends is indeed making a mess of my mind. And, even looking at my calendar doesn't always help, either. Thank God I remembered to even BUY a new calendar. I can't live without one, even on normal days.

Speaking of which, I begin putting GET CALENDAR on my shopping list way before the end of the year. I need to, given it takes me that long to find the one I want. Which is always a Marilyn Monroe calendar. I'd much rather look at her than say kitty cats. Or cars. Or whatever. And, for the past ten years... bingo. I've always found one.

Thank God. I LIVE by my calendar. I have the monthly one hanging near my kitchen phone and then every Sunday I fill in a weekly kind of calendar that I hang ABOVE the phone, on a cabinet door. This way I know exactly where to be when. Except for weeks like this, however. Case in point: I have on my calendar that there is an Open House I'm invited to on Sunday, Dec. 30th. I so have to wonder what my chances will be that I actually GET there on the correct date, given I'm so outta sync here with what day is what. I'll have to pay extra close attention however, since I'll REALLY be pissed if I miss out on some great food and some great company.

And tomorrow I have GOT to get to the bank. Without fail. I've been meaning to get there ever since Monday, but I swear... every day feels like a Saturday or Sunday to me. It WILL be Friday tomorrow, won't it?? And they WILL be opened, right?? Oh geez. That's all I need. In fact, maybe I'll even stop first and pick up a cookie tray to bring to the bank, since the bank officers there really ARE so nice to me all year round.

In the meantime, whatever the hell the day is tomorrow, I just hope I'm wherever I'm supposed to be. The good news however is that today is Thursday and yippee. There was no Core Training today. THAT of course I got down pat 1-2-3.

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