Thursday, December 27, 2012


See this picture? I totally love it. It's a picture of me which I've doctored up, but good. In fact, I purposely doctored it so that it would wind up mimicing a painting done with actual WATERCOLORS. One of the features my imaging software offers me.
I play around with these features all the time. I also have another program that does the same sort of thing and many times I'll mix the two up. Pictures often come out so damn cool. In fact, I did one of me several years ago... ala LeRoy Neiman... and I have it hanging above my family room sofa. I blew it up to about 4'x3', had it framed, etc. and totally love it, too. But now I'm thinking: maybe it's time to hang something new altogether.
Exactly what, I don't yet know. But, I think LeRoy may have already seen it's better days. And, with my new picture, I think I'll even forge the signature of some fancy schmancy artist who is famous for a particular genre and bingo. I'll pass it off a major pricey original. Yeah. I know. What can I say... I'm heavy into scamming if it serves my purposes. But whatever.
Regardless... I do have to admit that I could spend HOURS playing around with all the different images I'm able to create from a photograph. I can make it look like a charcoal sketch, an Andy Warhol silk screened painting, or even go for a wildly major saturated colored look. Or with a zillion other kinds of effects. It's SO up my alley and I am telling you...  I get completely lost in whatever effect I'm trying to create.
So much so that if ever I'm working on something before I need to head out, I am often in big trouble. Minutes just fly away from me and I have no clue how much time has passed until I happen to see the clock at the bottom of my monitor and then I of course jump right up and say HOLY SH%T. I'M LATE!! Oh man... don't ask.
In the meantime, I used several different options for the final picture up above; but I started first, with the Watercolor option. From there, I tweaked, undid, tweaked again, undid again until finally I got to a point where I loved the result. Oh yeah... this sort of deal is definitely only for those who want to spend mindless hours of downtime. Which of course is right up my alley. I've even created some OUTSTANDING images... Oops. I mean paintings... for several friends of mine. THEY LOVE THEIRS, TOO.

So basically... be forewarned. Should you ever walk into my house and see a fantastic signed painting of me... I will DEFINITELY tell you that I in fact sat for a really famous artist. And then I'll even prove it... I'll show you their signature. 

Now imagine that.  

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