Thursday, December 20, 2012


Okay... so supposedly the entire world, as we know it, ends tomorrow. Which means THANK GOD I got my 24 hours of fame in.... just in time. Get this... I WAS ON TV TODAY!!

Want proof?? Here... click on the link below. You'll see for yourself. Oh yeah... as point of information... I WAS ABSOLUTELY SCARED OUT OF MY EVER LOVIN' MIND. I mean it. Before the tape rolls... I was sorta myself. The second the tape rolls?? OMG... I have no clue whose voice nor words were coming from my mouth. NOW I know for the first time, what the meaning of something feeling surreal is all about. Regardless... check it out.


I wished I had more time here right now to tell you all about this, but apparently celebrity has already kicked in. Thus, I have hordes of phone calls to return from those congratulating me on my new found fame. And oh yeah... in case we DO have to meet our maker sometime tomorrow, let me just say:

I have loved almost every minute of my life. It's been fantastic. I have no regrets, no complaints, no heartbreaks. Well, okay. Maybe a couple. But still... life has been wonderful to me and I wish that EVERY one I know could have been as blessed as I have been. You'd be smiling but plenty!

Besides... I have loved and been loved. Who could ask for more?? Oh yeah... one last thing. To my kid... you were always my alltime favorite, bar none. I love you.    


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