Thursday, December 6, 2012


I swear... I felt like Forrest Gump today. I can't believe it. I could have walked MILES and MILES.

For my core training class today, I left my house about 11:20. Which means... I must have put my athletic shoes on about 11:10. Once I got there, Deanna was talking to me about how comfy our shoes are. I had to agree... but unlike alot of other people, I would NEVER wear these shoes anywhere but to exercising. They may be comfortable as hell, but man, are they ever not pretty looking at all. WAY too un-feminine for my taste.

Truth be told... I have lots of shoes. I love shoes. And I love flats, in particular. Especially since I basically had to give up heels years ago, but whatever. In the meantime, I have zillions of flats and most are pretty damn spiffy looking if I say so myself. My favorite ones are probably the ones I bought at Talbot's about six months ago... made of a black lace like fabric through which you can see the toes. VERY sexy looking. VERY pricey, too, but it was a sheer pleasure spending the bucks since the shoes ARE stunning. Up above you'll see what they look like.

My athletic shoes on the other hand, are way clunky and totally unattractive. BUT MAN, ARE THEY EVER A DELIGHT FOR THE FEET. Which is why Deanna and I were comparing shoes in the first place. Anyway... as it happens I had a lot of places to go after our workout.

Naturally, lunch was first on the list. I hooked up with two friends... had a nice long lunch and chit chat. Then I had to take one of them to pick up their car, so therefore... we all decided to get some dessert and meet up yet again. This time... at the fresh yogurt place almost next door to the car place, to continue our eating and/or our chit chat. THEN, I had to do several errands, and by the time I got home, I still had my ugly athletic shoes still on. SO NOT LIKE ME.

In fact, at some point I sat down to watch the news, and by the time it was over, at 7:00, I noticed the shoes were still on my feet and I thought... OMG... I COULD BE FORREST GUMP. Meaning: given I had worn these shoes all day long, I immediately realized... with THESE??? OH MAN. I COULD WALK AND WALK AND WALK AND WALK FOR MILES AND MILES AND MILES AND STILL... MY FEET WOULD FEEL GREAT.. Of course Forrest was heavy into running, but THAT I would never ever consider, even from room to room. Believe me... I don't normally like to break a sweat, if I can ever possibly help it.

Anyway, no sooner had I realized I could be Forrest, than I picked up the phone, called Deanna and told her: from now on, my new name is FORREST. And I told her why. After which we both had a great laugh, but I mean it... these monstrosity of shoes are simply incredible!

On the other hand, they are for core training only. Give me my black lace flats ANY day. Or even my black Anne Klein flats with the beautiful gold initials. Or better yet, my black sequined covered smoking shoe flats which are now all the rage. THOSE shoes may not be made for walking all day long but whoa are they ever pretty! Just the way I like it.

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