Sunday, December 2, 2012


I've been reading a biography of the Bronte" family. As in the most well known of the clan: Emily, Anne and Charlotte. I'm learning alot about this family, too and how these famous authors even came to be. It's kind of amazing, I must say. Anyone else would have given up on this book after the first 30 pages, but me?? I've plodded right along and lo and behold... turns out there's way more interesting a story in their lives than one would have imagined.

Which is why tonight, I sat down and decided maybe there could be yet ANOTHER literary sister... one who has yet to discovered. ME. Which is also why I wanted to try my hand at poetry. As I was showering tonight, I had the first line already in my head. It just kind of popped in, so I figured I'd run with it. You can too, by reading the poem below. 

Granted... an English Lit teacher might think it deserving of a poor mark... but what the hell do THEY know, anyway?? Besides... if you're writing something from your own head, at least you get points for even TRYing. So here... go ahead and read this and see what YOU think. If it sucks... don't tell me.

SUNSHINE   A Poem by Linda Bronte" 

I saw the sun once... and oh, how it had shone.
I saw the rays of love upon me... they felt like mine alone.
He too, saw the sun... and we'd gaze at it together.
For all the days left to us... I thought we'd see this sun forever.

I felt the sun once... as it's warmth spread over me.
Deep down to my soul our joyous love... would dance with sparkling ease.
He also felt the sun once... especially when we'd touch.
The sweet, sweet heat was always there each time that we would clutch.

We always felt this shining sun would never leave our heart.
That nothing in this world of ours would ever tear apart.
Both he and I created something... we'd never known before.
We'd dream and talk and plan and yearn... in ways that made us sure.

The sun gave me laughter... joy and friendship, memories galore.
I couldn't get enough of it. I craved it more and more.
The sun gave him music... with words of love he never sang til then.
Oh yes, indeed... what bonded comrades surely we had been.

We were sailing like two lovers... always meant to be.
I his dearest treasure... my greatest bliss was he.
A jeweled world within our reach... the prize calling with true affection.
But ah, how now the clouds do cover... the sun from it's detection.

I search within my aching well... wondering where it went.
Like a fallen tree about to break... near the ground, so low and bent. 
How and when did the sunshine fade? Oh this I'll never know.
For I love him now as I loved him then... and just once more I'd tell him so.

I must be brave I tell the sun... I must allow he's no longer mine.
And pray for strength to pass through life... with calm to realign.
Perhaps one day we'll see the moon... and all it's twinkling stars.
Knowing that deep inside us both... we've never been afar.

Oh yes, a fool I just may be... I sadly must admit.
For long before, his heart and voice... offered me such lift.
So I wonder now if this fool I am... will ever warm his soul.
Like that shining sun we once knew... and fill our broken hole.

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