Tuesday, January 1, 2013


How much do I love watching videos of flash mobs! I would KILL to actually see 100 people gathering in a mall or somewhere... who all of a freakin' sudden break out in a fantastic, choreographed song and dance! Oh man... I'd go absolutely NUTS with excitement. If only there was a Google list of when/where these deals were to be held. I'd be there in... well... a flash!

In the meantime, I have my own sort of flash going on. As in: flash dieting. A term I sort of made up myself years ago, btw. I hate having to lose 30 lbs. in a mere three days, yet indeed, once again, I am on such a quest. The least one can do is give me at least a week's notice, before having to work my magic. However... no such luck this time.

Turns out I"m headed down to Florida in a couple of days for a nice, long weekend. In fact... as we speak, I'm taking a break from packing. It took me two full days to even go THROUGH my closet to pull out that which I thought I'd want to bring. Then of course, I had to go through those items I selected all over again, just to whittle down EXACTLY which outfits I'll take. Bingo. I made the final cut to about five outfits. Plus four pairs of shoes, I think. Plus the accessories. Don't even get me started on the meds, makeup, toiletries, lingerie, etc. Thank GOD I cut my hair since that takes away 3/4 of the work, right then and there.

In the meantime, ESPECIALLY given the holidays just now being over, I now need to get stick thin in a heart beat. Which is where the flash dieting comes in. As in: cottage cheese. For some reason, this is my go to miracle food that okay... might not actually take OFF the 30 lbs., but at least it helps in trying to LOOK as if I had actually made the effort. Growing up I detested eating cottage cheese. It was NEVER on my radar for suggested food intake.

That all changed however about 7 years ago, when I was still teaching part time and couldn't get through the day without stuffing at least 14 different snacks into my purse. Before I left each morning, I'd pack up cottage cheese, vanilla yogurt, an apple, peanut butter crackers and God knows what else. And, naturally, that never necessarily precluded the fact that I just may have to run on over to the cafeteria to grab an ice cream sandwich if need be. Regardless...

Come to find out, cottage cheese was the miracle drug for me. It helped to not only curb my appetite but also to actually help take off a pound or two. WHO KNEW? Thus ever since those days, I have always turned to cottage cheese and Lite Fruit Cocktail as my meal of choice whenever I needed my 30 lb. crash diet deal to kick in. Granted... the weight loss in 5 - 3 days isn't anywhere near 30 lbs, but I must say... it gives the best illusion I've ever come across yet. Can you imagine if I ever DID make this my total diet for two weeks straight?? Oh man... I'd be shopping for a whole new wardrobe two sizes smaller, in a heartbeat. If only.

So starting right this minute, my flash diet is pretty much in full swing. I'm not thrilled about it btw, but... oh... the thought of eating hot pastrami sandwiches with cherry cheese cake at every meal in Florida is definitely easing the pain. I can't WAIT for such scrumptious epicurean delights. Plus the food at the party I'm going to... the reason for this trip to begin with... is going to be EXcellent. TOTALLY up my alley.

But alas... until then, I'm heavy into Breakstone Fat Free Cottage Cheese. Damnit. Besides... whatever that doesn't help... well, maybe yoga will. 

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