Monday, January 28, 2013


Yeah... I know. You'd THINK I'd be talking about heading out to some big ass city or something, but instead I'm talking about this Hidden Objects computer game to which I'm addicted. Seriously... if left on my own, I could spend hours playing this series of games. It could almost border on pathetic if you ask me.

Which at the moment, I am. In fact, I'm ready to shoot myself. THEY'VE GOT ME OVER A BARREL, BUT GOOD. I've paid and downloaded maybe a dozen of these games and have loved every one of them. Except this San Francisco one. THIS game?? With this game I'M READY TO SUE THE DEVELOPERS, ALTOGETHER. I can't believe they have so totally screwed me over.

Case in point: I'm on level 31 of 60. You have to search out all these hidden objects, which by the way, get sneakier and sneakier in hiding the objects. They should be sued for that alone. Then...once you finish a round, you're not allowed to advance to the next round until you pass a little puzzle of some sort. There are maybe five different puzzles and in each round the puzzles become trickier and trickier.

THE ONE PUZZLE I'M ON NOW?? Oh man... all I can tell you is: THERE IS NO SOLUTION WHATSOEVER. I should know... I've attempted, with no success at ALL, to complete the puzzle ten times already! WTF are these people THINKING????

Well for one... if they think you're going to have fun playing they have SO got that wrong. Rather... having fun at this level, merely constitutes your just wanting to shoot your brains out. Plain and simple.

The task at hand here is simple: You're supposed to click on any two or more objects next to each other so they will fall and allow other objects to come down. Eventually you clear the entire puzzle and boom. You're on your way to the next level. EXCEPT YOU'RE NOT. For some reason, they've programmed this particular puzzle on the 31st level so that YOU WILL NEVER EVER BE ABLE TO CLEAR IT NO MATTER WHAT. Seriously. It's like impossible!!

As if that's not enough, there is no way whatsoever to bypass the puzzle and it's driving me absolutely CRAZY. To add fire to the flames... they also designed the puzzle so that you have to factor in lots of blank spaces where NOTHING can fall down. Geez.. this is SO not fun. This crapola game that I adore for vegging out and having meaningless down time??? Boom. It's now rendered me a total idiot and PLENTY frustrated. Let alone stuck at a dead end. 

I totally don't know what to do any longer. The game has come to a sudden halt and I have no Plan B. Plus... lets say that one day I DO happen to have incredible luck and in fact solve this puzzle... can you imagine what the NEXT level will be like??? Man... don't even get me started.

What games I'll now play for vegging out, I have no clue. Apparently it'll have to be either Free Cell (my alltime favorite) or Scrabble or Spite and Malice or my ole trusty standby... Hearts. At least THOSE won't make me want to slit my wrists. Maybe.

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