Thursday, January 31, 2013


There's a first time for everything and let me just tell you... today was one of my all time favorites! I can't believe it... after all these years, Amber and I FINALLY got to meet face to face! It was fantastic, if you ask me.

Amber and I have known each other for at least 10 years. We have spoken on the phone many times and she has been THE most incredible help ever. WHY do we speak on the phone you may ask? Easy... Amber is my Blue Cross Blue Shield agent!

When I left South Florida in 2002, I came here and naturally one of the very first things I had to do was find new health insurance. Enter: Amber. One slight glitch however... her company immediately bought out the local agent I was using and Amber became my new one. But get this... Amber lives in a totally different city altogether... as in: Hickory NC. Thus, were I heavy into buying furniture several times a year, I could have seen her WAY before today. However, given I didn't need all fancy new furniture... we basically did all our business via phone. For years and years. Seriously... I could have been dealing with some far out and freaky punk rock chic for all I knew.

But such is not the case at all. Amber is a dream to work with and I never once had any problems in dealing with my insurance coverage since a.) we always signed me up for top of the line coverage and b.) Amber was Johnny on the Spot in walking me through any issue I ever had. SHE DESERVES A MAJOR RAISE, BTW. Because trust me, I had zillions of questions in the past 10 years.

TODAY'S questions however were all about getting me signed up for Medicare. Which worked out perfectly, since Amber had an appointment with yet another client in my city thus BOOM. WE FINALLY GOT TO MEET. And, go over everything about Medicare. Kinda like I did with Kenny a couple weeks ago, but he's now history. Amber is the one who's stolen my heart from the beginning. So bingo... I'm sticking with her as my agent. Hickory or not.

All I know is that if I was in love before I met Amber you can't imagine how crazy I am about her NOW. Talk about patient. Talk about knowledgeable. Talk about adorable. Talk about experienced. Man... who could ask for more. Anyway, we were so thrilled about our first time of actually SEEING each other that we had to document the event by taking a picture of us. Which as you can see, is there, up above.

We talked plenty of Medicare but we also yapped about other things as well. I felt like I was hanging out with a great girlfriend, who btw, happens to have an adorable soon to be 10 year old daughter. I can't WAIT to meet her... my favorite age for little girls. Could I ever show her a fantastic day of girlie delights! True... there's a 30+ year age difference between Amber and I but who cares. She still the best.

So all I know is I'm now signed up for excellent Medicare coverage AND I've got the the world's best insurance agent. Which reminds me... 

I find it soooo freakin' crazy that the two things Seniors need most is cost benefits for 1.) hearing and 2.) seeing. NEITHER OF WHICH MEDICARE COVERS. Are you kidding me??? How can that possibly BE? That's like a builder constructing fabulous homes, pricey or not, but ooops... just never includes the cost of a ROOF! For THAT you're sorta on your own. Way crazy ass in my book. But whatever. 

Bottom line: today was a great day in the hooking up department plus YIPPEE. I'm all good to go for Medicare. Given of course I don't kick the bucket anytime before 5/1.

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