Sunday, January 27, 2013


I can't even believe this has happened. To most I am sure this is nothing, but to me... all I know is that I am so lost it's unbelievable. Others will probably think I'm totally off my rocker, but regardless.... to me... I am just so sad, it's ridiculous.  

I don't want to get into a whole big story here, but basically it began with my being out with friends for a fantastic seafood buffet dinner at the country club last night. Then, as soon as I finished half of my chocolate pie (naturally I got my priorities in order) I decided: Boom. Five hours straight of having constant heart palpitations was enough. IT WAS NOW TIME TO HEAD TO THE ER. 

And of course to make sure I wasn't kicking the bucket altogether. The crazy ass heart beating had been coming and going for the past four days, but last night, they just never let up... for hours no less. Hence... time to take action.

As it turns out, it was no big deal. According to the doctor, maybe some dehydration, maybe some lack of magnesium, maybe this, maybe that, but the bottom line was yes, the EKG showed some rapid heart beating, but the other tests showed nothing major for me to be concerned about. I should just have my cardiologist double check it sometime later this week. Okay... whatever.

In the meantime, while last night my heart felt like it was out of control you should only SEE what's going on now. Apparently, when I disrobed in the examining room, I removed everything from the waist up, including my beloved L necklace surrounded by this fabulous cut out heart. I wear it every day of my life and am lost without it.

Well guess what. I guess I'll now be lost forever and ever given... OMG... when I got dressed today to head out to the movies, I went to put on my necklace and discovered one slight glitch. IT WASN'T HERE. IT'S GONE. FOREVER. NEVER AGAIN TO BE WORN. By me, anyway. By the people who found it, maybe. But by me?? Never again.

Apparently, when I was discharged, I put everything back on EXCEPT the necklace that must have been way at the bottom of a plastic bag. Ergo: I've lost it and am so crushed I can't even tell you. The 36" chain was given to me by mother many many years ago. The 3" L was hand made specially for me by someone I know. And the surrounding heart was a fantastic find I got several years ago. All I know is that in addition to the sentiment the necklace had for me, the value of the gold alone was nothing to smirk about.

Anyway, remember when the psychic told me my Mother wanted me to wear the three initialed pendant she gave me? Well, wanna guess what's around my neck as we speak?? Don't ask. Apparently Mom KNEW that I could be headed for trouble with the L. Oh man... this is just so crazy. It was definitely a signature piece for me; one that I loved wearing each and every day. 

So what can I say? I know it's just a piece of jewelry and it's not the worst thing that can happen to me and it can easily be replaced (which I definitely will) but for now... I just can't believe I've lost it. Which BTW just goes to show... oh, I'm losing it alright. More and more, with each day that passes.

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