Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Well Lordy Lordy... I'm far from forty. So far in fact, that get this... I GOT MY MEDICARE CARD IN THE MAIL LAST WEEK. WHOA.  HOLY BA-HOLY BATMAN.

I just can't believe it. OMG... 65 here I come. Can you even iMAGine?? I just wished my parents were here to see this. My Mom would be amazed. My Dad would tell me it's not even possible.

But sure enough... my birthday is approaching in a few months and the card is here. There's the proof up above in the pict. No sooner did I receive it than I decided I better high tail it to my insurance agent and actually LEARN all about Medicare coverage. Which is where hillbilly Kenny comes in. Oh man... he knows his stuff alright but seriously... way too much of a twang going on there, for my taste. Regardless... I THINK I got the info correct. I do know I decided to go with the Enhanced Plan F but I have to go back to my notes and see if that IS my drug plan or if I actually have to choose that, as well.

Yeah. Yeah. I know this is supposed to be easy, but I definitely have to visit Kenny once again to solidify all the details. The good news is that my monthly medical insurance cost of $1700?? Boom. Will go WAY down, thank God. Which of course will counter act my measly peanuts of a Social Security check. But whatever. I am just so thrilled to be able to finally be eligible for Medicare, I can't even tell you. Which btw, I totally hope Congress doesn't F up now that I'll soon be a recipient.

Earlier today, I was telling my kid all about the card arriving and he made me laugh right out loud claiming I should so send the card back given my new look has rendered me, according to him, a mere 50 rather than 65. Does this kid have great eyeballs or what? 

On the other hand, I do have to say, I feel pretty damn good for an old fogey. I have thus far been pretty much blessed with no MAJOR medical problems with which to contend. Well, as long as my eyesight holds out, that is. Or as long as I don't have a heart attack somewhere down the road or if I don't God forbid ever have a stroke. Which I decided is all kinda unlikely given what the psychic told me. What?? You mean she doesn't REALLY know what my future health will be?? Say it ain't so.

When I think of my Grandmother at 65 btw, I am stunned that I even look like I do. She looked OLD at that age. While indeed I look oldER, I sorta gotta say I don't really think I look all that ancient. I'm not saying there aren't days when I get out of bed, I don't FEEL ancient, but all in all... I think I'm in pretty good stead. I do have to say however, I've already warned my kid that I think I'm past the babysitting stage for whenever he gets married and finally has a baby.

Which is good news for me. Afterall... I hired babysitters for him so boom. I think I'll do so for his kid as well. Why should I be stuck at home while he's out having a fantastic time somewhere?? Besides, my favorite age for hanging solo with kids is probably about 8 and up. At least then we can do almost anything I already like. As in: dining out, watching movies, hit the stores, and maybe even traveling. Now that's MY kinda babysitting no matter what my age.

Still and all... me at 65? Just so damn mind blowing if you ask me. Goodbye bustiers. And fishnet stockings. And lycra body suits, too. As if that could have ever looked acceptable on me even in my 40s, right??  

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  1. I keep getting mail from the Neptune Society (prepaid cremation) about depressing!!


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