Thursday, November 29, 2012


Yippee... I've got a whole new start in life. And I couldn't be happier. Guess what?


OMG. You can't imagine how thrilled I am that she has recovered from knee surgery. And... halle-f-ing-lujah... SHE CAN DRIVE AGAIN. And walk again. And help me again. AND BRING ME BACK TO THE LAND OF THE LIVING again. Man. I'm totally thrilled like you can't imagine.

Granted Bonnie's not yet allowed to pick up anything heavier than a phone book at the moment, but who cares. And true, she can't do my grocery shopping quite yet. But she CAN help me do all my bills once again and fight with the people on the phones once again and figure out my insurance claims once again and God only knows what ELSE once again. It's just soooo good having my assistant back. We're BOTH on cloud nine.

Particularly me. Because... get this. For MONTHS now I've needed to do a hard core cleaning of my freezer. I needed to go through it, throw out all the out of date crap, rearrange all the shelves and totally wash down all the interior. Today was the day I decided: BRING IT ON. THE TIME HAS COME. WE'RE DOING THE FREEZER.

With Bonnie sitting in a chair that I moved right smack up to the door of the freezer, we went through EVERYthing and I'd say about 45 minutes later, my freezer looked practically brand new once again. AND... I could actually SEE whatever the hell I had in it! Who KNEW I had chicken thighs hiding way in the back? Or that there was cooked and sliced pork loin, enough to feed a family of 17?? Or three containers of frozen Guacamole instead of just two. Man. You just can't iMAGine how much food I had to get rid of.

Of course I saved every single one of the 11 half eaten party cakes that I froze after entertaining in the past year. THOSE I keep since you never know WHEN my sweet tooth may kick in. Coconut cake from a past luncheon? Boom. I've got it. Chocolate fudge layer cake from my BEFORE MY FACELIFT party? Yippee. That's there, too. White cake with white butter cream icing from my last birthday party? Bingo. It's in my freezer. I'm so telling you. I can host a dessert-only party any night I want, last minute or not... for the entire block! What could be bad??

In the meantime, what REALLY matters is that Bonnie is now back in the game. My game to be exact and she couldn't be happier. God knows... I can't, either. Yes, I made it through three months doing everything myself. Yes, out of necessity, I was a normal person there for a while. But with Bonnie now back in good health... I may not necessarily be normal but man, I AM happy!! Just the way I like it.

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