Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I don't really HAVE a favorite number, although I used to think it was 4. Then I decided I think I like 2 better. I have no clue why I love that number but I suspect it's because it always make me think of a couple. As in: two people madly in love. I have no idea whether or not these numbers actually ever BROUGHT me good luck, but regardless... I do love 2 the best.

However, today I think maybe I should change the number to 12. Get this... I was at the nail salon today which was good since man, did I ever need a manicure! And... this is the second time in my life that I had a MAN give it to me, given my regular operator was apparently called for jury duty. The guy does a pretty decent job, I must say, but trust me.... chit chat during a manicure with a male is way different than that with a female. Like it's pretty hard talking to a man all about... what else?? MEN. 

In the meantime what I loved best about being there today was that when I went to make my NEXT appointment, for two weeks from today... it turns out that particular Wednesday falls on the 12th. Of December. In the year of 2012. Which means: OMG... my appointment is for 12-12-12!! How often does THAT HAPPEN??? I totally loved it! AND... wanna guess for what TIME I made the appointment?? Why of course. I just HAD to make it for 12 o'clock!!! Which is what you see on my appointment card up there in the pict. This is just soooo great, if you ask me.

And, if you also ask the lady standing next to me, making HER next appointment. SHE was smart however. SHE made it for 12:12 p.m!!! WHOA. I COMPLETELY LOVED THAT IDEA. Which is why I naturally tried to copy her immediately thus told the guy... WAIT. I WANT 12:12, TOO. He didn't fall for it though, I'm sorry to say. I have to show up at noon. Although the lady DID tell me to kinda forget him and show up at 12:12 anyway. I love the way this lady thinks, right?

Which now makes me imagine that since tonight's Power Ball is for something like $14 billion, maybe I should run out and play the number 12!!! Can you even IMAGINE if I were to win??? Hell... in that case, I'd begin having all my manicures at HOME. And, my biggest problem would then become... at WHICH home. For believe you me... I'd have a home here, there and everywhere.

In fact, there's been several segments on TV the past couple of days talking all about the idiots who win these huge lotteries only to then end their lives altogether or get sent to jail or spend it on the most outrageously ridiculous things possible or... just show sheer stupidity in one way or another in spending the loot. Not me, however. Me?? First thing I'm going to do is call my accountant lickety split to set up revocable trust funds for every person I ever loved. And you can bet your bottom dollar...

I'm definitely making that call at 12 o'clock midnight.

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