Thursday, November 1, 2012


Today I'm fat. I SO LOVE THIS! These apps keep me so busy and so hysterical that it's crazy. Can you beLIEVE this pict?? It's like I gained 300 pounds overnight!!

Oh man... I so wished they'd make more apps like this. Actually today I downloaded a new one...  the UGLY APP... so I suspect that pict will be showing up any day now. Can you even imagine what a combination of old AND fat would look like?? OMG... I'm laughing my ass off as we speak.

I know. I know. Most people are downloading the weather, news, movie, whatever apps, but ME? I'm way into the funny and freaky looking ones. Speaking of which, I sent the picture of the old me to my kid... his reply was that he hates these deals. WHAT?? ARE YOU KIDDING?? HOW COULD ANYONE HATE THEM?? They keep me happily occupied way more than I'm  embarrassed to admit.

Now... if only I were high while doing all these. Then I'D really be rolling on the floor. Although I'm tickled plenty as is, believe me. A few years ago, I did a deal on Facebook that showed what I looked like as a high school graduate in about 10 different decades. IT WAS FANTASTIC. They were CRAZY looking. You can only imagine what THOSE picts were like. Me as a graduate in 1950?? 1970?? 2000?? Etc. Etc. You should SEE those hairdo's they put on me.

So all I can say is... for now.... I apparently have to go on a diet pretty quickly and lose my 300 pounds. Mainly because I SO don't want to have to pay for two seats on an airplane. Which they DO make you do if you're obese, btw. Speaking of which... a long time ago I wrote a blog entry about the laugh of a lifetime that I had when I was with my sister at a doctor's visit. The doctor had the NERVE to look at my body mass ratio deal and actually DEEM me obese!! WE BURST OUT LAUGHING given yes... I'm a bit chubby. Okay. I'll buy into that. But OBESE?? Absolutely no way whatsoever.

When THAT happens, I'll be the first to upload a shot of me as a WalMart shopper, I promise. Now THOSE pictures are just plain f-ing freaky! What ARE they thinking when they leave the house, anyway??

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